Friday 8 March 2013

Diary Writing Project

A diary is a small notebook.  In a diary you write down what happens each day.  The word diary comes from the Latin word diarium meaning “daily.”  Often diaries can help us understand what happened in a different time or place.  Diary writing encourages us to express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions freely and openly. 
Every day, many events happen.  Diaries help us remember what happened on a certain day.  Since March Break is coming up, you will have many planned activities.  For this reason, you will have a “Diary Project” to work on during March Break.  This is a great opportunity for you to share all of the AMAZING things you got to do over the break with your peers and teacher.
For this project, you will be required to write a diary entry for the following days:
Monday, March 11, 2013.
Tuesday, March 12, 2013.
Wednesday, March 13, 2013.
Thursday, March 14, 2013.
Friday, March 14, 2013.
Each diary entry must be a page long.  Each entry must have an opening statement, details (events that happened on that specific day), and a closing statement.  On the corner of the page, you are required to draw a picture that relates to the details outlined in your entry.  Your diary entries must be presented in a booklet.  The booklet must be neat and colourful with a title page.  You will be marked on your artistic skills; therefore, make sure your booklet is very presentable.   Your booklet must be ready by Monday, March 18, 2013.  You will have to share your diary entries with your peers.  Make sure you practice reading them aloud.

Format of a Diary Entry:

Date: (Example: Monday March, 11, 2013).
Opening (Example: Dear Diary,)
Closing Statement (Example: Yours truly, Anna).
Picture/ Illustration.

Diary Writing Evaluation Rubric
The diary is very well organized. Each entry includes a date.  Each entry has an opening and a closing statement.
The diary is pretty well organized. Some entries include dates.  Some entries have an opening and a closing statement.
The diary is a little hard to follow. A few of the entries include dates. A few of the entries have an opening and a closing sentence.
Entries seem to be randomly arranged. None of the entries include dates. None of the entries have an opening and a closing sentence.
Focus on Assigned Topic
The entire diary is related to the assigned topic and allows the reader to understand much more about the topic.
Most of the diary is related to the assigned topic. The diary wanders off at one point, but the reader can still learn something about the topic.
Some of the diary is related to the assigned topic, but a reader does not learn much about the topic.
No attempt has been made to relate the diary to the assigned topic.
The diary includes 5 entries. Each entry is a page long.
Almost all (about 80%) the written requirements were met.
Some (about 60-79%) of the written requirements were met, but several were not.
Many requirements were not met.
Visual Requirements
All diary entries are accompanied by a visual component.
Most diary entries are accompanied by a visual component.
A few diary entries are accompanied by a visual component.
None of the diary entries are accompanied by a visual component.
Oral Communication (Presentation time)
Student speaks clearly and distinctly all the time, and mispronounces no words.
Student is completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed.
Student speaks clearly and distinctly most of the time, and mispronounces one word.
Student seems pretty prepared but might have needed a couple more rehearsals.
Student speaks clearly and distinctly some of the time and mispronounces a few words.

Student is somewhat prepared, but it is clear that rehearsal was lacking.
Student often mumbles or cannot be understood.  Student mispronounces many words.

Student does not seem at all prepared to present.

Social Studies Project

Social Studies Project

Dear parents,

As Muslim Canadians, our children are required to learn about Canada, its Provinces and Territories.  Therefore, I would like to introduce a short unit of study called “Canada: Our Home,” wherein students will be learning about Canadian Provinces, Territories, cities, and landmarks.  This unit of study is student-centered.  Students will be given sometime in class to commence their work; however, a large portion of the project will be done at home over the March Break.  Each student will be researching about a Province or Territory (that they were previously assigned).  The headings that the research must include are:

1.      Name of the province/Territory
2.      Capital City
3.      Abbreviation and Symbol
4.      Official Languages
5.      When did it become a part of Canada?
6.      Population (How many people are living there?)
7.      Location
8.      Landmarks
9.      Goods produced
10.  Size
11.  Sources used to find information

The first step of the project is the research part, which is answering points 1-11.   The research must be done by Wednesday March 20, 2013.

After the break, students will be given in-class time to work on the final copy of the project.  Further instructions will be given after the March Break Insha’Allah.  In the meantime, students should focus on the research part.

Thank you,

Teacher Ghadeer.

Quran Update

Quran: Update from Tr. Samia

Alhamdullah, by finishing surat Annaba, we finished memorizing Juzu 30 of the Quran. We are planning to have a party as a celebration of finishing the Juzu. However, before that, I'm planning to test the students on the whole Juzu. This is a good chance for reviewing and improving memorization. This test will be optional and I will select the five best reciters and memorizes, Inshallah. I will start testing the students on March 18 to March 22 iA. 

Jazakumuallah Khairan for your cooperation and support,

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Quran Update

Quran: Update from Tr. Samia

We are about to finish  Surat Annaba now ,please encourage your child to practice the Surah.
 To practice Quran with your child please use this website and go to Sheik Ibrahim Alakhadar:  

Congratulations to the best memorizers  and reciters of the month of February
1.Safwane E.
2.Bilal B.
3.Hajar H.
4.Nada F
Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your cooperation.

Multicultural Day Friday!

Multicultural Day Friday!

Assalam-Alaikum Parents,

        As you may know it is Multicultural Day on Friday and the grade 3's will be having a potluck lunch. It would be great if students can bring a dish that is known in their culture and share a taste with the class. Please note that all foods must be nut-free.  Also, no foods containing Fava beans please, as there are some students who are allergic to them. Students are highly recommended to come to school in their cultural clothing!  JazakumAllah-Khairan.