Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Islamic Book Fair

Dear Parents,
Assalamu Alaikum

It is with pleasure that we invite you to come to the first annual Abraar Elementary School Book Fair. Please visit Noteworthy News and Events  on the school library website for more information on this exciting event!!

Have a wonderful day, inshaAllah.


Nancy-Ann Brethour

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


AA Parents!

TOMORROW IS EQAO. Please make sure that your child has at least 3 pencils, a ruler, an eraser and calculator for some sections on the test.
I will only have a few supplies for those students who really forget.

Date and Time
Booklets to complete
May 27 -  8:55 – 9:55 am
Reading Booklet 1
May 28 -  8:55 – 9:55 am
Reading Booklet 2
May 29 -  8:55 – 9:55 am
Math Booklet 1
June 1  -  8:55 – 9:55 am
Math Booklet 2
June 2  -   8:55 – 9:55 am
Language Booklet 1
June 3  -   8:55 – 9:55 am
Language Booklet 2

Monday, 25 May 2015

Quran Update


please help your child to practice Surah Al-Mursalat  Ayah 1 to 10


Friday, 15 May 2015

Quran Update


There will be a test on Surah An-Naba' on Tuesday May 19 Inshaa Allah


DRA Reading Assessment

AA Parents,

I want to let you know that we have started administrating the DRA Reading Assessment to students. We can tell from this assessment that students are at the standard reading level for the end of grade 3.

We are assessing,
Oral Reading Fluency (Expression, phasing, rate, accurancy)
Comprehension (questioning/predicting)
After Reading (summary)
Literal Comprehension



EQAO 2014-2015

Dear Parent or Guardian:
Your child will be participating in the Education Quality and Accountability Office’s (EQAO’s) Assessment of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, in the Grade 3/6 Division. The test dates are May 27, 28, 29 and June 1, 2, and 3. Please ensure students come to school on those days and arrive on time.
In six one-hour sessions, students will complete a variety of assessment activities designed to allow them to demonstrate their skills and knowledge relating to reading, writing and mathematics as described in The Ontario CurriculumThere will be 1 session per dayThe assessment is administered province-wide and is developed by Ontario teachers and assessment experts to reflect curriculum expectations.
EQAO has developed a “Parent’s Guide to EQAO Tests” and “Questions and Answers for Parents” (available in 20 languages) to give you more information about the assessments and an understanding of what to expect. To access these resources, go to the EQAO Web site (, click “Parent Resources” and then select “Primary Division (Grades 1–3) and Junior Division (Grades 4–6).”
Attached is a ‘Snack Form’ for the classes, please fill it out if you are interested in providing snacks for the day. If you have any questions, please contact the school or your child’s teacher.
EQAO Snack Letter
Dear Parents or Guardians:
We would like to provide nutritious snacks for the students, before/after they began to write the tests. If you are able to assist, please complete the form below indicating the date you can provide a snack. The type of snack has already been suggested to help provide a variety. Snacks need to be dropped off at the school by 8:25 am with the name of your child’s teacher on it. You are not required to remain at the school and distribute the snacks. The teachers will take care of this.

Jazakum Allah Khair in advance for your support!

Please complete and return to the school before May 22nd, 2015.
Please select the snack listed and one of the EQAO dates listed below:

Note: please bring enough snacks for 27 children (Grade 3) and 20 children (Grade 6). Snacks should be dropped off by 8:25am at the school office, with your child’s teacher’s name on it. Peanut-free snacks only please.

_______ Veggies and dip
_______ Fruit Slices (e.g. apples, berries, watermelon, cantaloupe)                                                            
_______ Bagels and Cheese (cut up into quarters)                                                                                     
_______ Granola bars                                                                                                                                     
_______ Cheese and crackers                                                                                                                             
_______ Mini muffins
_______ Yogurt cups
_______ Fruit slices                                                                                                                                        

Please select one date:

_______May 27              _______ May 28     _______May 29

_______June 1              _______June 2          _______June 3

Child’s name: _________________________________    Class: ___________________
Teacher’s name:  ______________________________   

Thank you very much for your support during EQAO!

Popcorn sale

Assalamu Alaykum dear parents,

Grade 6 classes will be holding a Popcorn Sale on Tuesday, May 19 to raise money for their upcoming Graduation ceremony. If interested, your child can bring money. The cost of the popcorn will range from 50 cents to $1.50.
Thank you for your cooperation and your continued support of our Grade 6 grads-to-be!

Jazakum Allahu khairan,

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Classroom updates

Assalamu Alykum dear parents,

As you know we have covered the whole math curriculum for grade 3 al hamdulillah. We have already started reviewing and preparing for EQAO test in sha'Allah. Your child will be given a booklet to be done throughout the weekend.

We are still working on Soil. Below are the lessons we have covered so far.
Investigating Soils
Layers of Soil
Identification of Layers
The three types of soil (Sandy, loamy, clayey)
Do Water and Soil Mix?
Measuring Absorption
Effects of Moving Water on Soil
Your kid will be assessed orally. He/she will be asked questions about what we've seen in class.

Islamic Studies:
We have just finished talking about and studying Qadaa and Qadar.
Since Rajab 27 is in two days in sha'Allah, we started (since last week) studying Israa and Mi'raj. We started recapitulating what we already know about the Makkan period. We talked about all the suffering and grief that prophet Muhammed pbuh went through in this period of Da'wa. Then we linked that to the journey of isra' and Mi'raj and that it was a reward from Allah SWT for the prophet's patience after the three years of sorrow and after the grief of "Tai'ef". We are working on a lap book that summarizes the whole journey of Israa and Mi'raj. Lap books will be sent home as soon as we're done from them in sha'Allah.

Jazakum Allah khairan for your continuous cooperation

Tr. Hajer

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


AA Parents,

We are reaching the end, but still so much to do! We have been busy bees :)

I announced last week to the students that they will be giving a presentation on ANYTHING they would want (except weapons or games with violence). You can find the rubric here

I will be strictly marking their presentation skills Voice, eye contact etc. Students can be as creative as they want. This is a great opportunity for students to have fun and improve public speaking skills (as they will be doing a lot of in grade 4). Students are welcome to use technology; put video or powerpoint on a USB.

Aside from that, we are still working on Frindle. We are preparing for the EQAO and we are gradually moving on to talk about Media (advertising and the impact if has on the viewers/readers).

Thanks for all of your support!


Monday, 4 May 2015

Used Book Sale to Support Grade 6 Graduation


There will be a Used Book Sale on Tuesday, May 5 to support the Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony.  The event will take place in Class 6A.
If interested, your kid can bring money to school to support the Grade 6 Grads.  All books will range in price from 50 cents to $5.00 and a small prize will be given to students who spend $5.00 or more.


PS. It is also Toonie Tuesday :-)

Quran homework


please help your child to practice Surah An-Naba' Ayah 26 to 35