Tuesday 30 October 2012



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Dear Parents,
Assalamu alaikum
The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school! What better way to promote reading to our students than by supporting this important literary event.
We invite your entire family to participate by purchasing the latest and greatest in children’s books. Did you know that for every $10 you spend at the Fair up to $6 comes directly back to our school? Your support of this vital literary event is key in helping us obtain new books and resources for our library and classrooms.
You’ll find hundreds of quality books at our book fair with a wide assortment for all reading levels.
A flyer will be sent home on Tuesday, October 30, inshaAllah. The flyer also contains a special Family Event Draw ballot that parents/students can deposit during our book fair. You could win $50 in books – $25 for your family PLUS $25 for your child’s classroom!
Don’t forget to mark the Book Fair dates on your calendar! We look forward to seeing you during our Scholastic Book Fair and thank you, in advance, for supporting this great literary fundraiser. Mostly, thank you for believing in books and the importance reading has on your child’s future.
Book Fair Dates: Thursday, November 1st and Friday, November 2nd
Times: 9:00 to 3:30 (both days)
Location: School Library
We accept cheques made payable to our school. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are welcome, too.

Announcement from Teacher Amal, the Arabic teacher

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته وكل عام وأنتم بخير

أنهى التلاميذ-  بعون الله - درس (أيام الحج) وسيكون هناك اختبار بهذا الدرس وهذه الأيام التي سيتم بها الاختبار

5 نوفمبر سيتم مراجعة الدرس استعدادا للاختبار

6 نوفمبر اختبار كتابي شامل (مفردات - أسئلة - إملأ الفراغ - كون جملة ).

8 نوفمبر ينسخ التلاميذ الفقرة الأخيرة من درس (أيام الحج) والتي تبدأ من (فجأة ......... ما أجمله) استعدادا للإمللاء الاختباري يوم  9 نوفمبر - إن شاء الله -

سنبدأ في الأسبوع القادم بإذن الله وحدة جديدة بعنوان  (كيف تنظم وقثك )

                                                                                                               شكرا لكم تعاونكم
                                                                                                               مدرسة الفصل أمل

Sunday 28 October 2012

important announcement from our librarian Teacher Nancy

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to town!!  It will be visiting our school next week, inshaAllah.

For more information on this big event, please visit the abraar school library website www.abraarlibrary.com

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you EID MUBARAK!!

Nancy-Ann Brethour, Librarian

Eid Moubarak & homework reminders

I wish you ALL a very happy and peaceful Eid.

May Allah accept your good deeds,

forgive your transgressions and ease

the suffering of all peoples around the globe.

Dear parents (grades 3 A & B )

     I hope you and your child are enjoying our Eid 

Celebration . Just a reminder of the homework for 

next week insha'Allah (especially for absent kids )

Wednesday 24 October 2012


Dear parents ,

Recommendations for swimming class tomorrow ( 3 B) :

  1. ·        Please, remember to send your child in warm clothes.  We will walk to the building which is close to Abraar School.
  2. ·        Please bring a swimming suit, a towel and a bag to hold the wet clothes.
  3. ·        No shower is to be done after swimming. So, a shower at home is to be recommended to remove the chlorine we may have in the pool. 
  4. ·        Parents are welcomed to volunteer .We thank them for their involvement in the safety of children which is our first priority.

Spelling lists and dictation:(3A&3B)

  The spelling booklet I gave to your child will be used for the whole school year insha’Allah. Ii is a good idea for grade 3 students to have a habit checking his/her spelling lists without having to write lists on the agendas every week .This would save a lot of learning time . Here are the instructions that are on page 5 of the booklet. There is only a modification for Friday :

Monday: Write each spelling word three times.
Tuesday: Write your spelling words in alphabetical order.
Wednesday: Choose two of your spelling words.
Write a sentence using each of them.
Friday: A dictation done by the teacher. It contains 2 sentences containing 2 words in the assigned weekly list.  (The teacher can dictate 4 sentences if time permits)
          I thank the students who submit their homework on time (before Friday). (The student of the week certificate or a toy is offered for the student who collects most points in the class chart)

Today's updates :
Social studies: we learnt how the pioneers cured some illnesses and compared this briefly with modern days .
Writing: Children learnt revision and proofreading marks and applied this on their fables .
Nasheed : « Mountains of Makkah» by Zain Bhikha . Here are some of the lyrics
Oh Mountains of Makkah, what can you say
Of the day that Abraham passed your way
And He was instructed by God to build
A House of peace where people will pray
Art: We prepared the Eid Cards. They will be offered to you tomorrow insha ’Allah.
Drama: We have started with scene one. The narrator and the 2« aboriginals» rehearsed their roles and had great ideas concerning the costume, the movement on the stage and the way of acting.
Eid Moubarak   

Tuesday 23 October 2012


Swimming lessons starting this Thursday
Dear parents (3 B)
     I need to let you know that the first swimming lesson will be this Thursday 25th, October Insha’Allah during period one. (8:35). Please, make sure that you submitted your permission slips and remind your kid to bring his/her swimming suit and his/her towel. Talk with your child about the need to follow the rules to ensure his safety. Insha’Allah this would be a fruitful and funny experience for all. It would be great if you are available for volunteering.

Scholastic book clubs
                  Please, check 3 A blog for information about the books recommended by our librarian Teacher Nancy. The orders should be submitted by next Tuesday. Please, send a cheque instead of cash. As I always say to your kids , a good reader is definitely a good writer.

Monday 22 October 2012

week 8 homework assignments & Today

    Alhamdulillah ! Last Friday, Grade 3 B students completed their Hajj project and displayed it on the bulletin board. They were very cooperative with Mrs Tessa, our volunteer.

Homework assignments:

·        Spelling lists and dictation:  This week, I will be checking Week 8 spelling lists on Thursday. The dictation will be also assigned on Thursday. Please encourage your child to have his/her work done to win points in the chart.
·        The reading  comprehension text “How the bear got his tail” on communicating books pages 76-77  was assigned last Friday and was due to Thursday 25th ,October . Please, encourage your child to read aloud the text to you and answer the questions. For any submitted homework in due time, there are extra points in the chart. The child who collects more points for homework, being organised, cooperation and participation will receive a toy on Thursday.
·        Reading: The kids enjoyed reading a poem « Pass the peanut Butter » (reader 1, 2, 3, 4, All) and discussing the rhyme. The kids practiced reading fluency.
·        Writing: We corrected one section of a story by using revision and proofreading marks. Then the kids wrote the outline of their personal narrative (event-When-where-details-ending)
·        Social studies: We corrected the «train your muscles» test. Please revise with your child his/her mistakes, sign the test and return it before Thursday. Assignments should be kept in your child’s portfolio for further revision. 

Tuesday 16 October 2012

answer parents' e-mails and revision tests

Dear parents of  grades 3 A&B
       I am sorry if you sent an e-mail  on Abraar outlook and that I couldn't answer . The reason is that since Monday ,I couldn't log in because of technical inconvenience. I thank the parents who  already consulted  the blog to have an exhaustive picture of what their children are doing in class . I am proud of your children's  participation and progress in learning . We are advancing in knowledge and skills MashaAllah  . However ,as a teacher ,I need to track their progress through revision tests  that allow me to collect data for their strengths and weaknesses on my observations` checklists . This is the school policy . I kindly ask you to follow the progress of your child just by asking him/her  some questions of  the things  I am sending you in details every Sunday . In social studies , we learned the origins of early settlers,why they came to Canada ,how the aboriginals helped them and how they cleared the land to build their cabins . We did that by referring to 3 texts in Canada's pioneers and interactive  group work activities. Grade 3 A&B made very nice presentations with captions . As for writing a fable,we studied 5 different fables . Each child  was eager to present one fable orally  in the critic's corner . We practiced the story maps (organisation of ideas )twice and I commented on how to improve them .We had many vocabulary lists on the writing notebook (who-where-when-how ). We practiced the adjectives,the adverbs,the punctuation marks and corrected the task page 11 (voices of animals ). On Thursday ,your child can start his first draft and can refer to all the materials we have used including seeking my help and his peers' help .  The volunteer jazaha allah khayran comes on Thursday to help those who are in the learning center  in 3 A&B .
Dear parents ,I need your cooperation in sharing the learning of your child in an encouraging and positive tone . your child is doing well . If there is any concern,I will write a communication (electronic or written on the agenda). your child has rich and various activities every day in all subjects this is why I leave him /her time to finish homework throughout the week . For the weekend,he/she  has just to read you aloud the reading comprehension and answer  few questions . Please , let us together make «testing» an enjoyable and beneficial experience that makes the child  aware of the areas that he/she achieved well and the areas that he/she needs to focus on in his/her subsequent « testing » opportunities . I believe that an emotional preparedness will make him/her endeavor  and  use his/her potential.
Please for any question you can send a note with your child and I will  answer on its back  and return it with your child . The school policy says that you have to ask permission from the office to come in the classroom . As you know , Furqan school  starts at 3:45 and for respect to the Quran teachers ,I need to keep the room clean and tidy .
Thank you  for your understanding and tolerance

Sunday 14 October 2012

Week 7 updates&reminders&news

Dear parents (3 A&3 B )

Week 7 updates:

Language : this week your child revises from Monday to Wednesday how to use a story web to organize ideas (we already practiced this twice with 2 different fables :(the beetle and the bird& Tiger and the Big Wind ) . A special focus on the use of quotation marks and exclamation marks is modeled and practiced through tasks on hands outs and communicating skills .Reading fluency is also done in small groups with the emphasis on voice and rising and falling intonation to convey the right meaning of the text .

Writing : A smooth transition from reading to writing ideas generated from a story web is modelled by the teacher. Your child is taught how to transfer ideas in a text in an organised way (stage 2 of the writing process):Beginning (setting:where-when-who)+ Middle(state the problem )+ End (state the solution ). Your child is encouraged to communicate ideas in a logical way (use transitions:First-Then-After-But-So-because-At the end )and using the correct conventions (correct punctuation-comparative adjectives-adverbs).Language hands outs will be provided to your child to consolidate his language skills . By Thursday ,your child should be ready to start writing his own fable (first draft).On Friday ,Your child writes his final draft after checking the editing checklists,revising with his partner and asking the teacher if necessary . Publishing the fable can be done in the computer room (period 5)by adding a title,a caption and the moral at the end of the fable. Monday (October 21st) your child shares his fable with others .He has the choice to rewrite it as a role play and read it with voice to get extra credit .

Social studies : A revision test is given to revise units 1,2,3 (true or false-complete the missing information) . After the class correction ,we proceed with health and medicine and how Aboriginals helped pioneers in coping with sicknesses and cold winter.

Islamic studies and Arts :  In these blissful days ,your child and all Abraar scholars and staff are excited to have the opportunity to share stories of Ibraheem (AS)and the Hajj procedures . The kids already have creative ideas about how we prepare the Hajj Diorama .I need your cooperation to provide them with the materials we need for the project (due Oct,22nd).There is a prize for the best project .Please share with your child and see what you can help with .Jazakoum Allahou khayran . 


Reminders :

  • Thursday and Friday  : Formative assessment :write your own fable : story map +first draft +final draft (publishing electronically or pencil and paper . Monday(Oct,26th) :sharing your fable with classmates 

  • Wednesday : Drama club : I will only call the performers in scene 1 (narrator-2 aboriginals-2 pioneers)so that we can focus on writing the script of scene 1 and allow better space and concentration for the players so that they can rehearse their roles. 
  • Thursday :I didn't check the spelling lists last Friday because your child got the work late (Tuesday for 3 B and Wednesday for 3 A ).That is why I gave extra time .This week I will check the spelling notebook on Thursday .The dictation will be on Friday. I need your cooperation concerning homework . A chart of rewarding points will be effective this week .Your child gets 2 points for a submitted homework .The student who has most points by Friday will receive a certificate from me . 


   The field trip to the museum of science and technology is scheduled for November 13th insha 'Allah. If you are interested in joining as volunteers ,please contact VP Nouha to put you in the availability list .

 ThishThis week thewee

Friday 12 October 2012

Teacher Samia's updates

From: Samia Tarbah
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2012 3:03 PM
To: Amal Ahmed; Amal Ahmed; Sarra Jaidan
Subject: Quran Updates Gr.3

Assalamualikum  Sister:

Please add this to the blog:

Alhamdullah we finished surat Alinfitar and we will have a memorization test with Tajweed rules on all of the surah next Monday Oct 15 Insha Allah. To practice Quran with your child please use this website and go to Sheik Ibrahim Alakhadar ;

Best memorizers and reciters of the month of September are: 

Grade  3A
1.Shada Touahri.

2.Sakeena Abualsamh.
Grade 3B

1.Abdullah Mutabagani.

2.Mariam Abdulbaki.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan

Monday 8 October 2012

Week 6 updates &homework assignments and news

week 6 updates :
Language :
Writing :
The writing folder will be activated with the pre-writing stage (story map of a fable ).We have already practiced that last week .So,this time this will be considered as a formative test .
For writing improvement ,we will continue working on combining long sentences (with a comma) and avoiding repetitions.
Reading : we will read another fable after putting the scrambled parts in order . Shared reading in groups will focus on fluency in reading . students  are given sections of non-punctuated fables to punctuate and recognize the importance of punctuation especially the quotation marks,the exclamation and question marks ,the period,the comma in giving a tone and voice to the text . Context clues (said-replied-called-whispered-yelled-roared-screamed ) are used to help students in punctuating and reading a printed text .
Oral communication : The critic's corner will demonstrate your child's ability to retell one of the 5 learnt fables by respecting two criteria (the sequence and the voice ).Your child uses  a cube reminding him/her  the 6 elements of a fable.
Social studies : We will learn insha Allah the steps of settlement (from clearing the land until building a house ).This will be integrated with language to focus on  transition words ( First..second--after...then ...finally )
Islamic studies : Since the Eid is coming soon and we are preparing a school project about El Hajj, we will jump to chapter 4 that deals with  Ibraheem alayhi essalam and how the holy kaabah was  being built . The kids like the book a lot .They will practice reading the stories in turns and answer the questions on the workbook.
Arts : We will start preparing the diorama of El Hajj . Kids will draw pictures of Kaaba ,Djabal Arafat,Al Medina....We will try to decorate and hope to win inshaAllah in the school competition!!!
Word wall : This time we will elicit the already learnt vocabulary not by shooting a ball in the net but by mimicking one of the 6 animals in the cube (Don't tell your child about the game .Just ask him on Friday which animal he/ she  mimicked and which word he/she guessed right !)
homework :

  • A spelling booklet  ( 5 pages for all the year  ) will be effective starting Tuesday October 9th : I need your cooperation to buy a spelling notebook for your child . You will find the instructions at the end of the booklet . Please tell your child to start with week 6 and help him follow the instructions . On my part I am going to explain explicitly this .Each  Friday ,your child has a short dictation (2 sentences ) containing the words he/she  practiced writing from Monday to Friday . (spelling lists from week 1 to week 5 will be left under your discretion during holidays .Don't let your child do them unless he likes to ,please )
  • Communicating skills (animal sounds+Nouns ) : please consult the agendas for the due dates (this depends on the pace of the students . Some students may do this in class .Others need more time to complete the tasks  at home. (please respect the pace of your child ..No rush ..we will all achieve the same thing and learn «driving» on the same road .
  • The learning center will start Insha allah  this week . It is a group of maximum 4 students who are chosen under the discretion of the teacher . Additional resources are provided to the selected students to help them read and write ( lists of words-simple sentences-videos on high frequency words and educational games to encourage them ). 
The drama club will also start . Masha Allah many would like to join . Please remember I have 2 classes and I will work on a rotational basis . The topic : pioneers -The roles (  a farmer - a doctor- a teacher-a general store keeper ,a  grist mill, a merchant,a  blacksmith, homemaker...). We need of course a narrator . Once your child informs you of his /her role ,would you please help by  providing clothes or tools . Your child will tell you our needs since we look at many picture books about the topic. 

I hope dear parents that  I gave you an exhaustive picture about what your child is going to learn on week 6 . I will not be able to write more during this week since I will be busy . Please for any question, feel free to contact me through my Abraar e-mail .You are most welcome as potential partners in developing the learning and social  abilities  of your child . If  you have time to volunteer in your child's class ,just bring your criminal record and fill in a form from VP Nouha .I am more than happy to share the pleasure of doing interesting and exciting activities in class .
jazakoum allah khayran 

Saturday 6 October 2012

Portfolios and writing folders

Dear parents of grades 3 A&B ,
 I hope this will find you in the best of faith and health . This is to inform you that your child's portfolio and writing folder will be activated starting from next Tuesday inshaAllah . The goal of the portfolio is to collect data that will help your child revise the already learnt things in all the subjects so that he can refer to them before doing the formative and summative assignments. It is a tool for me to track the student's progress and provide him the help he needs. As for the writing folder ,it will allow the child to build the skills related to the process of writing ( structure-first draft -editing -proofreading and publishing ).As you already know,our current unit is about writing a fable . The necessary vocabulary lists as well as grammar,punctuation tasks will accompany the writing folder  to help the child improve his writing .
Jazakoum Allah khayran

Quotes & reminders

Famous teacher quotes

I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework. 
Lily Tomlin 
1.                        One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings.  The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.  ~Carl Jung

Reminders :

  • Read aloud to your parents the fable « the ant and the grasshopper » and answer the questions 
  • Optional : If your child is interested, would you buy him a dream catcher to construct as a crafts activity .You can find it in a dollar store . 
  • The guided learning center will start next week inshAllah . I will provide a notebook to the students I will be selecting for this week . 
  • The drama club will also start this wednesday .I will be selecting the participants . InshaAllah those who are not selected this time will have their turn next time since I will work on a rotational basis and I have 2 classes . 

wish list

Dear parents ,
El Eid celebration is soon coming .I kindly request you to give your donations to your child's class .May Allah reward you with hassanat in ElJannah . Here's the list :

  • A puff tissue (ideal to make the board clear and free from dust )
  • A first -aid kit (plasters-bandage-alcohol..)
  • DVD's related with the curriculum or Islamic cartoons
  • books -magazines (chick-a dee )
  • overhead projector 
  • pencils -sharpeners 
  • sponge balls -bowling supplies-cones-piesces of cloth in 2 colours for boys and girls)
  • classroom carpet (mine seems to be small)
  • kleenex-brown paper to clean the desks

 Jazakoum Allah khayran

Wednesday 3 October 2012

October newsletter

Dear parents ,

    I hope this October newsletter meets you with the best faith and health . Unlike the previous  September newsletter  , this October newsletter is aimed for both third graders A&B .That is why I take this opportunity to introduce myself again. I am Teacher Sarra. I graduated from both the high college of teachers (English division) and University of Ottawa (bachelor in education-elementary division ). I previously worked in public Ottawa schools as a supply teacher and a special education teacher since I had an additional qualification in learners in needs (part 1)from U-Ottawa. I am also fluent in 3 languages : Arabic -French and English .I got 2 second language certificates in English and French from U-Ottawa and the I E L TS from the British Council . 
  Last month , I  had the pleasure to meet your children in both grades 3 A&B. Alhamdullilah the first week was used to establish routines and practice the procedures .We built the class community through many funny activities such as Brown bag it-guess who-bingo-A 4 posters ...We had and we will have insha Allah a daily pledge read aloud by kids and a message presented by Huffy (the mouse puppet that kids help to make his sentences interesting and better !!)in order to edit the language skill I need to explain . I had the pleasure to welcome you on the teachers' night .The parents who attended found out the rich print environment where your kids are learning like the word wall,the charts displaying writing strategies and the incentives that I hope create a positive motivational learning surrounding . The next  weeks ,we read a variety of texts for different purposes (inform-narrate-describe )related with Nelson Literacy (The Ontario curriculum)and Social studies curriculum  that deals  with Pioneer life in Canada (first term ). Students practiced shared reading (fluency )and connected the print text to their own lives. Oral presentation  was done through the critic's corner where the kids sit on the teacher's chair and present the book they chose reading (author-audience-type of text-main idea -3 details-appreciation ) .It is awesome how the kids like it !

Week 5&6 and may be 7 (depending on the pace of students and their achievement ,we started more specifically the unit of fables  . The students at the end of the unit should be able to write their own fables. We are working on it (story map-vocabulary lists for who-when-where-combining sentences -punctuate dialogues-statements-exclamations-adjectives-action verbs in the past ..) . Every Friday your child will be assigned a reading comprehension as homework . Please make sure that he reads to you the text aloud and that he covers the questions .Your support may be required  but be reassured that I only assign the points taught and well explained in class.  You will remark that concerning communicating skills workbook, I will assign the units that help the child write narrative texts ( past verbs-adjectives-antonyms-transition words..)
As far as assessments concerned ,your child will have    2 formal reading comprehension assessment per month and an  End of term project  where oral ,reading and writing skills are assessed through a presentation of Pioneer life in many forms : -letters-diaries-legend-fable-adventure stories  (fictional texts )

News :
  • The drama club will start next week inshaAllah . It will be once a week and during recess time from 11:35 to noon . I will tell you more about it when the group is set up .
  • A field trip to technology and science museum is being prepared for 3 A &B inshaAllah .     . With your cooperation, we want to ensure a safe and productive  learning environment for all students.As an involved parent, I ask you to find the time to provide me useful information that helps me protect your child and achieve his/her full potential.
    For any suggestion or question, please feel free to send me a note with your child or an e-mail through the school blog . I am looking forward to a great and rewarding year!! 
         Jazakoum Allah Khayran 

arabic teacher for non-native speakers -grade 3 A&B

Reminder for the parents of non-native third graders
Assalamou Alaykoum wa rahmatou allah

Please remind your children to do arabic homework page 59
Arabic Teacher Brother Mohammad 
Jazakoum Allah khayran

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Question for this Week

As described by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), Jannah has many gates, can you name 3 of these gates?