Friday 28 November 2014

Math Homework

Assalamu Alaykom dear parents,

We have been working on mental math strategies to add and subtract. So far we have seen the following strategies:

  • The break down to 10 strategy: you can make your kid watch the video below to reinforce it:
  • The make 10 strategy
  • Use relationship between addition and subtraction:  

Math H.W for Monday December 1: Workbook p 29
For further practice visit the following please:

Jazakom Allah khairan,
Tr. Hajer

Thursday 27 November 2014

Math HW

AA dear parents,

HW p 28 math workbook + home connection (the same page) For tomorrow (11/28/2014)


Spelling Update

AA Parents,

Spelling Spectrum Lesson 10 DUE MONDAY

Spelling test MONDAY


Wednesday 26 November 2014

Language Update - Tr. Fatima

AA Parents,

Aside from the reading and writing activities (summary writing, topic sentence and supporting sentences) we have been doing in class about "Homework Hassles." We have been also practicing and reviewing our Nouns (common and proper nouns), Plural and Singular Nouns - when to add -s or -es - when to add just -s or drop the -y and then add -ies. We have also looked at Verbs - when to add  -ed or when to drop the -e and add -ing (for example shine, drop -e add -ing to make shining).

spell check game

More practice will proper and common nouns

JAK for all of your support at home

REPOST - Improve Writing

As Salam Alaikum Parents,

        I received a lot of requests regarding writing strategies to help your child improve. The best way to improve your child’s writing is to have them write more.  I was reading an article online called “Put it to Paper: Tips for Parents to Improve a Child’s Writing Skills" by Audrey W. Prince, and she has a lot of great writing ideas that can be implemented in the family home from day to day. Here are a few ideas I took from the article and would like to share with you. The activities are quick and easy that students deem as fun and not as a chore.  
Send a Message - Frequently leave notes on pillows, desks, mirrors, wherever. Have yourchild write you a note in return. A family chalkboard or message board is a great tool forencouraging your child to write messages.

Letters - Make letter writing a habit for your child. Have your child write letters to family and

 “Year in Review” Notebook - Keep an ongoing record of your family’s life. Every family member can add to your family’s story. Include important events that happen during the year. On New Year’s Eve, sit down and read through your “Year in Review” and start a notebook for the next year. To add to your story, include family photos whenever possible.

 Postcards - Have your child write and mail postcards on family vacations or special outings.

 Say “Thank You” - Let your child get in the habit of writing “Thank You” notes for gifts or whenever it is appropriate to do so.

 Journals – As a gift, give your child a special journal. Encourage your child to
write in his/her journal as often as possible.

 Make a Menu - Let your child design and write the menu for a family dinner. This is a great activity that will keep a child busy while mom or dad is cooking. If some of the words are difficult, write them down on a separate sheet of paper for the child to copy.
 Be Creative - Encourage your child to write and perform skits or puppet shows. Set aside time for other family members to see the performance.

 Travel log - When you go on vacations, trips, or special outings, have your child record new sights and experiences from his/her journey.

Copy - If your child likes a particular song (nasheed), have him/her copy
the lyrics. Children can also copy their favorite poem, quotation, or short book. encourageneatness for legibility.

InshAllah these activities will help your child’s writing and keep you updated on their progress. Make sure to encourage your child and focus on the content and understanding at first rather than the grammar and punctuation.  It also creates a bonding experience among the family which is truly valuable at most JazakAllah-Khairan for your support and I truly hope you try a few of these activities.

Prince, A. (2008). Put It to Paper: Tips for Parents to Improve a Child’s Writing Skills, 148, 1-3. Retrieved October 16, 2014, from Writing Skills.pdf

Tr. Ibtissam


Quran test for Surat At-Takwir on Tuesday Dec-2-12


Tuesday 25 November 2014


AA dear parents,

This is just a friendly reminder that students will have a science test tomorrow in sha'Allah. The test will cover only the first unit: Forces. Students took home their science duo-tangs to review for the test. At the end of the first unit, there is one page for the test review. You can also go through the major concepts with your kids. 
Students also took home another document. It is a good help for parents since it covers the math curriculum expectations for grade 3. It also has so many examples of the math language students are expected to use while explaining their math work.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated,

Science new unit: Strong and Stable Structures

AA dear parents,
The third graders have just started a new unit: strong and Stable structures.

At the end of this unit students will be able to: - identify the importance of form, function, strength and stability in structures over time
- determine what factors make a structure stronger and more stable (e.g., building materials, shapes used in framework, width of base etc.)
- identify the strength of a structure based on its ability to hold a load and withstand forces
- identify the stability of a structure based on its ability to maintain balance and stay in one spot.
- describe how materials can be changed to increase their strength (by folding, changing its shape, etc.)
- describe ways different forces affect a structure's shape, balance, position (e.g load can cause cardboard to buckle)
- use appropriate vocabulary to describe structures and forces acting upon them (e.g., compression, tension, load, struts, ties, etc.)
- investigate how certain materials can be used to strengthen structures (e.g., identify the purpose of struts and ties in structures bearing a load)
- demonstrate understanding and apply knowledge of strong and stable structures by building their own structures.


Monday 24 November 2014

Math new Chapter Addition and Subtraction

AA dear parents,

Over the next couple of weeks, your child will be learning about addition and subtraction. We will relate subtraction to addition, use mental math, estimate and add and subtract to 2-digit numbers. We will be using a variety of strategies and the goal will be for your child to be able to apply a strategy to any task at hand.
Throughout this time, you and your child can practice some activities such as the following:

  • Your child could place different numbers of items on a chair and on the floor, then write or tell you all the fact family sentences about each situation. For example, 7 toys on the floor and 6 toys on a chair has the fact family 7+6=13, 6+7=13, 13-7=6, and 13-6=7.
  • your child can examine game boards to find ones where strategies for adding and/or subtracting can be readily applied rather than always counting.
  • your chid might act out a stair-climbing problem. For example, if you take 3 steps up and 1 step back, how many steps will you take to get to the top of the stairs?
  • your child could measure stuffed animals and other toys. Then, estimate how much space 2 or 3 of them would take if placed end to end and how much space would be left on a 100 cm shelf if different toys were placed on the shelf.
  • Your child might set up a penny sale, giving various items prices less than $1. Then they can find the cost of different pairs of items.
  • Your child could look up basketball scores in a newspaper and show you how to find the difference between winning and losing teams' scores.
You may want to visit the Nelson Web Site at for more suggestions to help your child learn mathematics and develop a positive attitude toward learning mathematics, and for books that relate children's literature to addition and subtraction. Also check the Web Site for links to other sites that provide online tutorials, math problems, and brainteasers.

Tr. Hajer

Islamic St Update

AA Parents,

We have discussed and practiced the steps of Wudoo. We have also done some activities to practice making Wudoo the perfect way. Staudents are encouraged to shw you the steps of wudoo and talk about them. We will be doing a Wudoo workshop very soon in sha'Allah

We will also learn ways to perfect our prayers. I will in sha'Allah bring different ayas and hadiths that encourage people to pray in a perfect way. Can you please make sure that your kid makes wudoo and prays the perfect way.
JAK for all of your support.

Arabic Update Tr. Amal

أولياء الأمور الكرام / السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

أنهينا درسي القراءة عليك أن تنظم وقفتك , مرحبا بك يا جدي.  وسيكون هناك اختبار كتابي  يوم الخميس - والأربعاء     26 / 27  

أسئلة      معاني مفردات     ملء الفراغ       كون جملة    رتب  الكلمات لتكون جملة مفيدة .

سيكون هناك مراجعة شاملة قبل الاختبار

أما بخصوص مشروع الخريف سيكون موعد تسليمه الجمعة  28  وسكون التقويم كالاتي:

الترتيب -- الخط الواضح -   الصورالمناسبة   -  وتقديم المشروع أمام الفصل

شكرا جزيلا لتعاونكم   

المدرسة  أمل

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Interactive Math Games

AA dear parents,

Below are some attachments to interactive math games that cover the second unit (Numeration)


Class Update

Assalamu Alaykom dear Parents,


We are currently reviewing unit 2 (Numeration.) We will be writing our end of chapter test next week in sha'Allah (Monday November 24th)
Some kids finished all their Homework mashallah (the H.W is the Problem Bank and the Chapter Review). Some other kids didn't do it.
Please make sure that your kid finishes the whole booklet, it is a reinforcement of what we did in the class and a review for the test.


We finished the first unit: Forces causing Movement and will start Unit 2 soon in sha'Allah. We will also have a test on Wednesday November 26th. Students will take their folders and their notebooks home to review.

Islamic Studies: 

We have started talking about Taharah and Wudoo'. Alhamdulillah, every student has an Islamic studies binder. We have also reviewed the first chapter: the six pillars of Iman. Today we practiced a nasheed (Amantu billah). Every students has a copy of the lyrics. We will in sha'Allah do the nasheed in next Tuesday's assembly.
You can also help your kid memorize the nasheed by making him/her listen the following video:

Tr. Hajer

Friday 14 November 2014

Quran update. Tr. Ibtissam

Surah At-Takwir from ayah 19 to 24

Monday 10 November 2014

Science Workshop

AA dear parents,

We are pleased to have a scientist in school presenter coming to our classroom on November 17th for a half-day science workshop. This is a wonderful opportunity for our class to experience science and technology through fun and exciting hands-on activities and experiments.
Our scientist presenter has requested that we have 4 adult volunteers who are able to stay for the duration of the workshop from 12.20 to 3.20 to assist with the activities. No advance knowledge is required for this opportunity to share the thrill of discovery with  your child. If you are able to volunteer, it would be greatly appreciated.



AA dear parents,

Tomorrow in sha'Allah students will have an Islamic St Quiz. They'll write their tests at the first period.
Math homework p 15

Language Reading/Writing Update - Tr. Fatima

AA Parents,

      As a class we are talking about books that are Realistic Fiction. I read "Homework Hassles" to the students. We have read the first chapter which is called, "The Assignment." The students were instructed to listen carefully as I read to them. We then discussed aspects of the book i.e. The Problem, Characters, Setting and new Vocabulary.
    In the first chapter of the story we learn about a boy named Freddy who finds homework to be a hassle. His grade 1 teacher assigned a project about nocturnal animals. The problem is that Freddy has no idea which animal to write about while everyone else in the classroom has chosen a topic.
 In their writing notebooks students wrote a summary of the chapter. Important aspects of their writing include: indenting, topic sentences, supporting sentences, conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.)

Questions parents can ask to engage the students are:

Why do you think homework is a hassle for Freddy? What does nocturnal mean in the story? What is the opposite of nocturnal? What kind of connection can you make with the story (text to text , text to self or text world).

JAK for all of your support!

Homework Monday November 10 2014

AA Parents,

Students have two things to compete this week

1. Social Studies: Students are to complete their "My Community" speech and drawing of their house or community. Students should practice for their presentation that is on Thursday November 13 2014

2. Spelling Lesson 8 pages 36, 37, 38 and 39,  Spelling test Friday words are on page 39


Friday 7 November 2014

Islamic Studies

AA dear parents,

In our art double period today we prepared and designed our Islamic St. binders. Students took them home to review for next Tuesday's quiz in sha'Allah. They have to read Arkanul'iman and Making Wudoo'.


Math homework and Mathletics booklet

AA dear parents,

I handed in the second chapter review (Mathletics booklet) It is due next Friday in sha'Allah.
Homework for Monday: Workbook p 14

Tr. Hajer

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Language Spelling Update - Tr. Fatima

Spelling Spectrum Workbook - Lesson 7

Students need to complete pages 32, 33, 34, 35 for Friday

Spelling Test Friday - words are on page 35 in the blue box.

Monday 3 November 2014

Math homework

AA dear parents,

Our homework for tomorrow is p 13 math workbook.


Math mid-chapter Quiz

AA dear parents,

This Friday in sha'Allah students will have the mid-chapter quiz. We will be reviewing for the quiz on Thursday in sha'Allah.
Your child will take his/her math workbook home for more review p 9-13.
You can also work on the links I posted in a previous blog in addition to the following:

Lesson 4Rounding to Estimate Numbers

Lesson 5Comparing and Ordering

Tr. Hajer