Friday, 8 March 2013

Social Studies Project

Social Studies Project

Dear parents,

As Muslim Canadians, our children are required to learn about Canada, its Provinces and Territories.  Therefore, I would like to introduce a short unit of study called “Canada: Our Home,” wherein students will be learning about Canadian Provinces, Territories, cities, and landmarks.  This unit of study is student-centered.  Students will be given sometime in class to commence their work; however, a large portion of the project will be done at home over the March Break.  Each student will be researching about a Province or Territory (that they were previously assigned).  The headings that the research must include are:

1.      Name of the province/Territory
2.      Capital City
3.      Abbreviation and Symbol
4.      Official Languages
5.      When did it become a part of Canada?
6.      Population (How many people are living there?)
7.      Location
8.      Landmarks
9.      Goods produced
10.  Size
11.  Sources used to find information

The first step of the project is the research part, which is answering points 1-11.   The research must be done by Wednesday March 20, 2013.

After the break, students will be given in-class time to work on the final copy of the project.  Further instructions will be given after the March Break Insha’Allah.  In the meantime, students should focus on the research part.

Thank you,

Teacher Ghadeer.