Wednesday 25 December 2013

research project update

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

In shaa Allah you’re all enjoying some time with your children this holiday.

Just a quick note to remind you about some important information for the Animal Research Project, and what I am hoping to see from the children.

1 - I want to see pictures and important information displayed on a poster.

2 - Information on the poster should be written or typed using the children’s own words whenever possible. ( /3 marks)

3 - I want to see pictures along with a brief physical description of the animal (/5 marks)

4 - I want to see information about the lifestyle, and country/environment that the animal lives in ( /5 Marks)

5 - Marks for bibliographic information, quality writing/creativity ( /2 Marks)



Please have the children bring any additional information they have collected with them to class after the break.

Deadline for bringing in the animal research poster is 
January 13 in shaa Allah.

jazakum Allahu khayran for your continued support and effort.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Winter fundraiser for Syria

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

In shaa Allah we will all soon be relaxing and enjoying winter break with our friends and families. Ameen!

Before we begin our break the school is trying to have a quick mini-fundraiser for the Syrian crisis.

The deadline to donate would be this Thursday, December 19, before the students go for the winter break.

The goal is to collect $35 per student, so everyone should encourage their students to bring this amount; however, whatever they can bring is acceptable.

May Allah SWT reward all of your intentions and kind acts of charity in shaa Allah. Ameen!

Saturday 14 December 2013

2 digit multiplication practice+math update

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

3B students are working further on their multiplication skills. On friday we did a timed test that required them to answer 100 random multiplication questions in 7-minutes. These types of speed drills are important in preparing them to be fast and accurate on the EQAO tests at the end of the year. As such we will be doing more in the coming terms.

The students have been building their measuring skills, converting between cm and mm, and calculating perimeter.

I am also having them brush up on a few more advanced multiplication concepts. knowing their timetables will help them advance to concepts like calculating area, division and converting other units (cm, m, L, mL, km).

Here is a link to information and activities about 2-digit multiplication:

In addition, click the link below to find a folder of pdf documents I would like the students to attempt over the next week.

Friday 13 December 2013

Dua'a of December

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

here is the dua'a we have been practicing for December. My apologies for the late upload.

Saturday 7 December 2013

Math work due by Friday December 13

Measurement work

Please follow the link below to download a pdf sheet (with an answer key) that the students can use to practice changing centimetres into millimetres:

Decimal Addition

Students have copied a set of 6 questions into their math notebooks to complete.

We are learning to keep the decimal in the same position as it appears in the question for the answer.

ex.     3 . 2 cm
    +   5 . 4 cm
         8 . 6 cm

Perimeter Word Problem ($2)

I want to build a fence around my house. I know that it is 15 m from the road in front of my house to the end of my yard in the back. I also measured the width of my yard. It is 23.6 m to walk from the neighbours on my right to the neighbours on my left.

Draw my yard with the measurements of all 4 sides. Next, calculate the perimeter of my yard.

Length of sides (^  vertical) _____

Length of sides ( >  horizontal) _____

Perimeter ___________________

Friday 6 December 2013

French Update

Inline image 1

Friday, December 6, 2013

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents
Time is just flying by and we are already in December and the winter break is at our door.
So far we are working on our daily vocabulary, using it in sentences, questions and answers. Al Hamdulillah, students are gaining more confidence in speaking French in class.
We are working on our first story “Les Trois Petits Cochons” and we have started the reading comprehension activities related to the story “Choisis le bon mot” and “Mets les mots en ordre”.
·         The majority of students finished “Choisis le bon mot”
·         We are working on “Mets les mots en ordre”
·         Tuesday, December 10, we are having the 3rd French test : spelling, Choisis le bon mot, les mots en ordre.
·         The spelling list for Tuesday is:
1.       Le père
2.       La mere
3.       Le frère
4.       La soeur
5.       Le grand-père
6.       La grand mere
7.       La famille
8.       Voici ma famille
9.       J’aime beaucoup mon père et ma mère.
·         « Choisis le bon mot » and « Les mots en ordre » are related to the story and students are familiar with both activities as we are working on them each period.
Jazakum Allah Kheiran for your cooperation and your support.

Inline image 2

Amina Ould-brahim, OCT, Ph.D.
French teacher
Science coordinator

Wednesday 4 December 2013

as salamu alaykum,

just a quick update on what we have been working on in class.

Language/ Research skills

- Adjectives and descriptive writing.
- Elements of paragraphs and paragraph writing
- extracting facts from information texts
- bibliographies


- Measuring in centimeters
- calculating perimeter of shapes


- salatul jama'ah (prayer in congregation)
Message from Tr. Amal (arabic):

أولياء الأمور الكرام / السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

أنهينا الدروس الخاصة بفصلي الخريف والشتاء  , وتم مناقشة جمبع المهارات اللغوية والنحوية  وأسئلة الفهم والاستيعاب

وسيكون هناك اختبار شامل في هذين الدرسين يوم االثلاثاء القادم - إن شاء الله - الموافق 10/ 12 / 2013

ولان ابتدأنا بتدريس المحور الخاص بالأسرة ولقد أرسلت اليوم عع تلاميذنا الأعزاء ( القرص المضغوط ) للاستماع والتدرب على القراءة 

النموذجية من خلاله.

في هذا الفصل الدراسي  سيتم تدريب التلاميذ على كتابة فقرات ذات علاقة  بدروس المنهج

جزاكم الله خيرا

المدرسة  أمل

Sunday 1 December 2013

Research Project

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

The Grade 3B class is starting a research project this month! I have asked the students to go home this weekend and begin thinking about an animal or insect they don't know a lot about, which they can research.

I gave them a few preliminary questions to help them direct their research on their animal on Friday.

I mentioned to them that they should try going to the Public Library to find books on their animal (i.e. the research should not only be carried out on the internet). They will also be able to look for books in their library time at school. I also had a brief discussion with them about possible websites they may want to look at for information on their animal (e.g. wikipedia, national geographic, discovery, google, etc.).


- I have asked the students to copy information found in books by hand onto papers. [Students should try to summarize in their own words whenever possible]. Author and Titles should be written with summarized or copied information.

- Information from websites may be printed off or cut and pasted into word documents. Students should copy and paste the URL of websites they find information on whenever possible

- The students should collect their information in duo tangs that can be brought to and from class to monitor their progress, and to use the information in a variety of activities.

At the moment, I have just asked them to begin collecting information. All good research projects need a library of work to choose from.

The project will be ongoing and is expected to wrap up after the winter break. This allows the students plenty of time (including winter break) to become an expert on their chosen animal, it's habitat, etc.

JazakumAllahu khayran for your ongoing support and efforts!

Friday 29 November 2013

Quran Update from Tr. Samia

Dear parents

Alhamdulillah by the beginning of  December, we have finished Surat Abasa, and we had a test on it. We have started Surat Annaziat. Please practice with your child using this website and go to Sheikh Ibrahim Alakhadar:  

Quran: Update from Tr. Samia

Congratulations to the best memorizers  and reciters of the month 
  3A                                                                3B
1.Muneeb.                                                   1. Dana.
2.Najib.                                                         2.Maryam J     
3.Sumaiya L.                                               3.Omar.
4.Sondus.                                                     4.Maemonah.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your cooperation.

Monday 25 November 2013

November 25

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,


I will be sending a series of multiplication sheets home with the students today or tomorrow that are to be completed for Friday in shaa Allah.


Please make sure that your child has a chapter book (i.e. novel) to read at home. Take them to the Public Library to pick out at least 2 or 3 books they think look interesting to read. I will be sending home weekly reading activities for the students to complete with their chapter books in the coming weeks.

More updates coming soon!!!

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Doubling practice questions


Answer the following questions:

1)  34
    x 5

2)  19
    x 3

3)  26
    x 4

4) 54 x 2 =


Double your answers from PART 1!


Example -
[PART 1: original question with answer]             4      or        4 x 4 = 16
                                                                          x 4
[PART 2: double the answer]      16         
                                                  x 2                 or            16 x 2 = ____

Additional varieties of multiplication strategies

as salamu alaykum,

click the link below to view a PDF I thought I would share. It outlines a few additional techniques (along with some of the strategies I have spoken to the class about) for multiplying:

Monday 18 November 2013

Week of November 18

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Language: students are working on the steps of story writing and planning.

Today we organized nouns and verbs into characters, settings, and main events.
Tomorrow we will work on organizing our stories into logical order of Beginning, Middle, End.

Stories should be approximately 1 page in length and will be worked on in class and at home.

Spelling Words (week 8 test this week)

Math: Students will continue working on their weekly timestable tests (this week is the 8x tables).

In class we are beginning to learn about measuring. Students were sent home tonight with the task of estimating/measuring lengths of 7 objects.

Progress reports are on the way, but I wanted to thank you all for your support and effort with your children.

JazakumAllahu khayran

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Steps of Salat

as salamu alaykum,

Below are snapshots that I have uploaded to reduce wear and tear on our islamic textbooks.

The children will be tested on the "steps of salat" based on the content of these pages. Tell them to practice each step (incl. as-salat-ul-Ibraheemiyyah and dua'a Al-Istifah) in their daily salat as practice for next week in shaa Allah.

jazakumAllahu khayran

Monday 11 November 2013

City Project

City project due in class Nov 21, 2013!!!!

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

3B students will have some time in class, but should also work on the project at home to complete the buildings and structures for their city over the next two weeks.

NOTE: Each social studies lesson in the next two weeks will include a time where the students can ask questions or talk about issues they are having. By speaking about their progress and problems the children will learn from each other.

What I'm looking for:

- Use a variety of material (plastic, card, paper, tape, glue, recycled containers, paint, markers, etc.)

- Shows understanding of city zones (i.e. commercial, natural, industrial, residential).

- use artistic skills,creativity, and problem solving to put together their own personal model city.

- Students will be asked to explain their city, and the building process in brief to the class.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Multiplication practice

as salamu alaykum,

here is a link to some activities for practicing multiplication:

The link above takes you to an activity about multiplication with "carrying over", however, the students can also scroll down to the "Related Links" near the bottom for other multiplication topics

Reading Duotang

As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

The students were given a target today to try and complete 10 chapter summaries. There is no time limit to this target, but the incentive for them to complete it is that when they have completed 10 chapter summaries from a chapter book they read at home they are rewarded with a small prize or sweet treat (e.g. candy or chocolate).

I will be sending the children home with a blank table to fill out when a chapter summary is completed. Parents are required to sign for each finished summary for them to be counted. Please encourage them to read as much as possible at home. Take the children to the library and set up an account for them there so they can practice their library skills and gain a love of reading in shaa Allah.

- Children read chapter books at home
- Children write 10 chapter summaries on chapters of their choice
- Children collect summaries in their "Reading Duotang"

- Parents encourage reading at home (e.g. listening to/helping them read for a minute or two)
- Parents facilitate visits to the Public Library
(here's a map of locations:
- Parents sign to acknowledge completed summaries

Happy reading!

Wudoo' steps and dua'a from textbook

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Message from Tr. Amal (Arabic teacher)

السادة الكرام / أولياء أمور التلاميذ

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته أنهينا بفضل الله وتعاونكم الستمر المثمر الوحدة الثانية (الحياة المدرسية ) فراءة  ومناقشة اللتدريبات الصفية 

والأنشطة المختلفة التابعة للدروس  وسيكون هناك اختبار شامل لجميع المهارات (أسئلة - مفردات - تكوين كلمات - اختيار الإجابة 

الصحيحة.. .... وإملاء وخط ) وسوف أحدد ذلك لاحقا مع التلاميذ وأعلمكم بالأمر  وبعدها بإذن الله سنبدأ بالوحدة التالية  ( الأسرة )

تهانينا لكم بالعام الهجري الجديد وجزاكم الله خبرا

المدرسة : أمل

Monday 4 November 2013

Week of Nov 4


1)multiplication worksheets: Yummy (no carrying) and Berry-Good (carrying)

2)Practice 6x tables


1)Edit chapter summary
- add 3-4 adjectives (words describing nouns)
- check for spelling mistakes
- make sure I included good details (about characters and key events)

2) Practice week 6 spelling words

3) Read your chapter book. did you finish all the chapters yet?

Practice (first 2 min. only) Maher Zain nasheed for assembly next monday (Nov 11)
follow the link:

Social Studies:

1) Think about how you will make your buildings' foundations.

2) Find out: Why is the leaning tower of Pisa leaning?


Remember to make wudoo' (after you sleep, use the washroom, pass gas).

Practice the steps of wudoo' (Textbook pg C18)

Friday 1 November 2013

Quran Update

Quran Update from Tr. Samia

Dear parents

Alhamdulillah by the beginning of the month of November we are halfway through Surat Abasa. We will have a test on the whole surah Insha Allah on November 25th, so please practice with your child using this website and go to Sheikh Ibrahim Alakhadar:  

Congratulations to the best memorizers  and reciters of the month 
of October: 
   3A                                                                3B
1. Hanya                                                   1. Kashan
2. Maryam A.                                           2. Abdullah      
3. Mohamed I.                                          3. Esma

French Update

Inline image 1

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

In French we are learning many new vocabulary and Masha'a Allah,students are working very well.We talked about our new story " Les Trois Petits Cochons"  and I read it to the class with a lot of gestures and expression. Students enjoyed the story retelling and the majority of them understood it.

The next week Insha'a Allah we will carry on our oral activities such as drilling the vocabulary and gesturing and saying the story. Once the students know orally the story we start the reading.

On Monday October 28, students wrote the spelling words in their agenda and were given also an activity sheet to help them practice the vocabulary for the coming test.

This  Monday, November 4th, 2013, students will have the second test in French Insha'a Allah.

The test has 2 components: dictation (students have the vocabulary since Monday, October 28th),  vocabulary related to school supplies (we practiced the vocabulary in class and students were given homework ). 

Inline image 3

 For any question, please feel free to send me an email or to give a call.

Jazakum Allah Kheiran for your support.

Amina Ould-brahim, OCT, PhD
French teacher and Science Coordinator

Tuesday 29 October 2013


as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

I have spoken with a number of parents and have taken their suggestions to include more frequent updates about class work that includes 2-3 updates weekly about pieces of homework the students are assigned.

To be completed:
Math Textbook pg 184 #2,4,5
Math Workbook pg 61 (all)
practice 4x tables for test this week

Communicating skills pg 34 (all) and 35 #2-9
Week 5 Spelling list practice\
"Shirley Temple" comprehension sheet

Here are some fun science related games

City Project: Think about materials you may want to use to build your city model

3B book fair visit this Friday

Arabic (non-speakers) write 3 words with med

French: Lundi 4 Novembre test: - dictaire, vocabulaire "feuille d'ecriture"z

Monday 28 October 2013

Scholastic Book Fair

Dear Parents,
Assalamu Alaikum

The first Scholastic Book Fair of the school year is coming to our school this week! What better way to promote reading to our students than by supporting this important literary event! A book fair flyer will be sent home with your child on Monday, October 28, 2013. For more information on this exciting event, please go to


Nancy-Ann Brethour,
Abraar School Librarian

Tuesday 22 October 2013

End of October Update

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

In shaa Allah you all enjoyed your Eid holidays and are looking forward to everything ahead. I wanted to update you all on what 3B is working on before reports in November.

Math - The students have been working hard on multiplying using arrays, skip counting and other techniques.
We are also starting some learning about shapes to help with our upcoming "City Project"

Language - The children have been working on grammar rules for plural nouns. We are also learning about alphabetical order in Language and Library to help the children be more confident using dictionaries for their work.

Social Studies - 3B are moving forward from their urban and rural community learning with the start of a cross-curricular "City Project". For this project the students will be using learning from the other subjects (e.g. Math, Social Studies, Language, etc.) to design and plan their own city model.

Islamic Studies - The students are starting November off learning about cleanliness and purity and how these relate to their ibadah. We will also learn about Jummah/ daily prayers.

NOTE: I will be emailing some parents shortly if there are any concerns with your child, their homework, or behaviour before the reports are sent out.

Monday 7 October 2013

We have been learning to...

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu / Greetings,

As Eid draws near and we continue through these blessed days, I wanted to send a quick update to you all to share some of the topics we have been working on in the class so far this year.

In Language, we have done some work on chapter summaries and book reports. We have been enjoying a few chapter books as a class as well. Most recently, the students have been enjoying reading Abby Klein’s “the Penguin Problem”. We have started our weekly spelling word lists. Spelling tests will continue to be written in class every Friday in shaa Allah. I am also starting weekly grammar work.

In Mathematics, we have reviewed several topics including: adding and subtracting 2/3 digit numbers, mathematical/geometric patterns, place value concepts, and are currently working on various mental and written techniques used with multiplication.

The following websites have various activities and quizzes for the students to practice their multiplication:

In Science, we have been learning about plants and soil. We have worked on improving scientific vocabulary, and developed understanding to prepare ourselves for our future experiments.

In Islamic Studies, we have most recently learning about Hajj and Eid al-Adha.

In Social Studies, we have been learning about differences and similarities between urban and rural communities.

I will do my best to share more frequent updates in shaa Allah. Eid Mubarak!

-Tr. Mohammad

Dua'a for October

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

This month the whole school is practicing the following dua'a, which I hope you can share and practice with your families in shaa Allah.

Thursday 3 October 2013

Quran update

Dear parents

Alhamdulillah by the beginning of the month of October  we finished the first Surah for this school year ( Attakweer) ,

we will have a test on the whole surah Insha Allah on Monday Oct 21 Tuesday Oct 22 , 

so please practice with your child using this website and go to Sheikh Ibrahim Alakhadar:  

- Tr. Samia

Congratulations to the best memorizers  and reciters of the month 
of September : 
3A                                                                  3B
1.Fatima.                                                    1.Nour S.
2. Hana.                                                      2.Sajid.          
3.Nourideen                                               3.Muhammed.

P.S. an extra copy of the Quran Competition Form can be downloaded here in shaa Allah:

Monday 16 September 2013

Dua'a for September

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

As you will surely be aware, the theme for this year is dua'a.

This month the whole school is practicing the following dua'a, which I hope you can share and practice with your families in shaa Allah.

Tuesday 10 September 2013


as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu/ Greetings!

Welcome to Grade 3B. In this blog you will find important updates about class work, announcements for parents, and much more.

The 3B class rules that were discussed with the students are:

1 - No talking when Tr. Mohammad is talking.
2 - Raise your hand before you speak.
3 - Clean all messes [i.e. even if you didn't make the mess, it's always good to help]
4 - Come to class ready for the lesson.
5 - Be polite and respect everyone!

These rules, in line with the teachings of Islam, will help the children develop their respect for themselves, others, and their elders in shaa Allah.
NOTE: If you have not already done so, please remember your child's success depends on equipping them with the right tools. Please make sure they come to class with all their books, pencils, and other supplies.

JazakumAllahu khayran, wa feeka barakaAllahu.

- Tr. Mohammad

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Language Arts Writing Project

Dear parents,
This is the project outline that some of you were asking about.  This is an in-class project that students are currently working on.  We were supposed to have it done by May 31; however, due to EQAO, we were not able to meet this deadline.  We are hoping to finish the project by Monday, June 10, 2013 Insha'Allah.

Creative Fictional Narrative Story Writing (In-Class Project)

For this project, you will be writing a fictional narrative story. You need to pick 1 topic only.  Your story must be a page long only. Every week, you will be given about 2 in-class periods to work on the project.  The final draft of your project will be due on May 31, 2013.
A. Topics:
1.        Write a story about your journey on a “Pirate Ship.”
2.        Imagine you were 10 inches tall. Describe what life would be like.
3.        Write a story about your life on one of the planets (other than Earth). Describe what life would be like.
4.        Imagine that you find a ring on your way home from school that makes you invisible for one day. Write a story about what happens during that day.
B. Schedule For The Writing Process:
The Writing Process:
A.    Thursday, May 15-Brainstorming
B.     Friday, May 17- First Draft
C.     Tuesday, May 21-First Draft
D.    Friday, May 24-Peer Editing
E.     Tuesday, May 28-Peer Editing
F.      Wednesday, May 29-Final Draft
G.    Thursday, May 30-Final Draft
H.    Friday, May 31-Stories must be handed in.

A.    Wednesday, May 15-Brainstorming
B.     Friday, May 17- First Draft
C.     Tuesday, May 21-First Draft
D.    Friday, May 24-Peer Editing
E.     Tuesday, May 28-Peer Editing
F.      Wednesday, May 29-Final Draft
G.    Thursday, May 30-Final Draft
H.    Friday, May 31- Stories must be handed in.

C. Story Guidelines:

Your story must include the four main “Story Elements.”  These include: Setting (time and place), characters, conflict, and the solution.

The plot of your story should focus on the main problem in the story and must have three parts – a beginning, a middle, and an end. 
The beginning of a story introduces the characters, the setting and the problem. 

The middle shows how the characters deal with the problem.  The personalities of the characters will be developed through their actions, their words (no dialogue, please), and their feelings as revealed through body language such as shivering, blushing, gesturing, etc.  The story unfolds through “show not tell” writing.  The writer “magnifies the moment” by taking us into the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters and creating suspense and surprise

The end of the story explains how the problem is resolved and why it all mattered
Do not forget to give your story an interesting, eye-catching title.

Brainstorming Pages

Characters (and their roles in the story)

Conflict (Problem)


Other important details

Brainstorming Continued:
Planning a Short Story
a:  Title ___________________________________________________________

b:   Quick Sketch your
       plan for your story
c:   Quick jot words: ideas, descriptions
       and plans for your story






Adding Connectors to Move the Story Along

Transitions indicate a new idea or a change in time.  They are also called connectors because they connect ideas in the story.  Here are some common ones you may use when you write.
in between the time                       
the following day                             
some time later                                
by four o’clock
in the late after noon
as soon as
in just twenty minutes
almost as quickly
when we arrived
an hour later
hours went by
right away
after that
at first I saw
at the same time
after we walked a mile
just as
later on
at dusk

Using Body Language to Show Feelings
When you are writing a story, it is important to SHOW, not to TELL.
We all go through many feelings every day.  Some common feelings include being:

          angry                             frustrated                    bored                           thrilled
            nervous                        disappointed               anxious                        worried
            peaceful                       shy                               scared                          sleepy             
            worn out                      serious             playful             silly

These feelings and many more can be observed directly in body language.  You can find evidence of feelings in facial and body expressions and actions by watching:

            eyes                 mouth              face                 throat               voice                breathing
            heart                gut                   arms                 hands               shoulders         posture                        movement            speed               actions fists                 gestures          

A.  “Sally feels sad,” is not very interesting.  How can we show her sadness?
Her Eyes puffy redness, watery, looking down, tears trickling down cheeks and overflowing

Her mouth = drooping with the lips quivering, hard to swallow

Her body posture = dragging her feet, bent over, limp, alone, pushing people away, head down, wiping tears

Now we can compose several sentences to show Sally is sad.
            Sally rubbed her puffy red eyes and wiped her tears.   Her lips quivered as she tried to stop sobbing.  She leaned her limp body against her mother.

B.   “Joe is sleepy.”
His eyes = half shut, heavy eyelids, drooping
Mouth = yawning, snoring
Body = head falls on arms, relaxed, peaceful

            Joe yawns as his heavy eyelids droop half shut.  Slowly his head falls on his arms.   Soon he snores peacefully.

C.  “Vanessa is shy.”
Her eyes = looking away or down, avoiding eye contact, uncomfortable
Hands =  held behind the back, clutched in front, covering face
Voice = whisper, mumbled, fades out

            Vanessa held her hands in front of her mouth and avoided eye contact.  Her quiet whisper faded out until I couldn’t even hear her speak.

Come to a Smooth Ending

Don’t write “THE END.”  Instead, finish with a strong sentence that will help your reader:
  • feel a feeling
  • remember a character
  • get your point
  • think about the story
  • evaluate the significance now: 
                Looking back…., Now I realize…., Still to this day…., I learned….

Examples of strong endings:
  • The rain ruined my plans, but it did not ruin my life.

  • Looking back, I’m glad I threw the ring away.

  • All of our hard work had paid off.

  • No one complained.  Everyone celebrated.

  • Ted and his brother were off to a new adventure.

  • Katie found the watch, and she found a new friend.

  • The principal was angry with what we had done, but she forgave us and even hugged us.

  • Meg is the best librarian in town!

  • The stranger had taken our hearts and our money.

  • I learned a lot, I met a lot of new people, and now I realized I wanted to stay.

  • The party was a success.

  • Stacy and Lance couldn’t wait until their next flight on an airplane.

  • The next morning the antlers were miraculously gone, and the whole family breathed a sigh of relief.

  • Still to this day I remember how proud I felt.

Proofreading Hints

Proofreading is the final clean-up job before going public with a piece of writing.  Proofreading helps the reader understand the writing.

When the paper is completely revised, reread your paper for one proofreading item at a time.  Use a sheet of blank paper to move horizontally down the page a sentence or a paragraph at a time.

The most common errors include:

1.  Lack of paragraphing or too much paragraphing.  The paper will not “look” right.  With no paragraphing the text will look overwhelming.  With too much paragraphing, the text will look disjointed and scattered.

Learn SPIT.  Indent a new paragraph for the following reasons:
S = new speaker
P = new place
I =  new idea
T = new time

2.  Run-ons.    A period = a red traffic light = STOP!
     -In a run-on, the students are running a red light and they will get a ticket! 
     -Insert a period between thoughts.
     -It helps to read the “sentence” aloud and listen for stopping points or breathing points.
     Jim raced down the hall after the puppy shouting the puppy slid on the slippery floor and bumped down the stairs, yipping wildly.

3.  Fragments cannot stand alone.
     -Attach them to an adjacent sentence.
     -Or, add a subject and a verb.
     -It helps to read the “sentence” aloud and see if it makes sense alone.
      The puppy’s toenails on the hard floors making clicks.

4.  Forgotten commas.      A comma = a yellow traffic light = pause
     -It’s risky to race through yellow lights.  You might not make it.
     -Read the sentence aloud and listen for pauses.
     -The most commonly left-out commas are:

           -Nouns of direct address:   “Jeremy, please come here.”
           -Introductory clauses:  After the first snowstorm, we never saw the ground again.
           -Items in a series:  I love decorating, baking, and singing during Christmas.
           -Separating independent clauses:  I love to make cookies, but I don’t like doing the dishes.

6.  Verb Tense  (Highlight present tense verbs in a different color from past tense.)
     -Verb tense must be consistent throughout the writing.

7.  Spelling.
     -Circle any tricky words and check them later.
     -Teach spelling rules.  Learn which rules are your trouble spots and watch for them.

8.  I vs. You  Highlight “I” in one color and “you” in another.
     -The “I” voice is usually more powerful than the vague “you.”
     -Do not change back and forth in the same piece of writing.

9.  Apostrophes   (2 uses)
     a.  Use apostrophes when two words are combined into one:  contractions
          The apostrophe marks the place where a letter(s) is left out.  can + not = can’t

      b.  Use apostrophes to show possession.    The girl’s ring.

10.  Practice sentence modeling.  Mimic outstanding sentences that catch your attention,
       even if you can’t name the grammar structures.  Soon you’ll find your sentence fluency improved.