Monday 31 March 2014

April 1 update

salamun alaykum,

Here is a brief overview of topics we will cover this week in shaa Allah


Students are writing play/movie scripts that we will hopefully be able to film and present to the other classes in the school in shaa Allah.

We have already covered differences in layout and punctuation for scripts, and we're all excited to see what kind of stories the children can come up with for their movies in shaa Allah.


Students are continuing work with data management (tallies, graphs, pictographs, etc.)


Students will be developing their understanding of translation, rotation, and reflection in shaa Allah.


The students will reflect and review their Skyscraper projects in shaa Allah.



- EQAO math packages are handed out on Friday and expected back by the following Friday. Please make sure you are sitting down with your children to make sure they understand.

- Try to keep consistent with the assignments (the kids seem to be really enjoying it, and it's good practice for class and EQAO concepts).

- In case you weren't aware, you can download/print old EQAO booklets for Math and Language here:

- Encourage the students to write in journals (practicing spelling list words from their language notebooks), write stories, or try to practice writing "super sentences" (i.e. sentences with adjectives, adverbs, and other details).