Saturday, 25 October 2014

Language Update - Tr. Fatima

AA Parents,

 I hope that you are having a restful weekend inshalla. I wanted to update you about a few things that are happening in our Language Arts class.

With regards to Writing we looked at the importance of choosing a strong idea for writing. A strong idea should be specific and clear. Following a strong idea should be a topic sentence. In class, we explored ways to start writing our paragraphs by reviewing what a main idea is. A main a idea tells the reader what a piece of writing is mostly about. The main idea is expressed in what is called a topic sentence. Students used a web to plan their topic sentences and supporting sentences. Students did this very well in class. 

Next steps for our writing is using the "5 Ws" to add details. Details are ideas that make our writing more interesting.

In reading I will introduce RazKidz to students next week inshalla. Razkidz is a dynamic website where kids go for engaging reading practice. With Raz-Kids, students can listen to, read, and even record themselves reading literary and informational eBooks anywhere they have Internet access. Make reading fun for your kids. I hope to give out usernames and passwords next week as well.

It is also always helpful to encourage your child to read everyday for about 20-30 minutes.