Wednesday 10 December 2014

Language Update - Tr. Fatima

AA Parents,

We have completed reading Homework Hassles, and the students have successfully written a summary for each chapter.

Our class is beginning a language unit called Fables. In this unit, students explore the characteristics of fables ans the skill of retelling, which helps them to better understand what they have read. The lesson or "moral" that each each of these fables inspires students to think about themselves and others.

As students read a variety of short fables and view illustrations, they learn

  • an understanding of the characteristics of narrative text pattern for fables
  • the writing of combining sentences
  • the reading strategy of retelling
  • the media strategy of expressing opinions about illustrations 
  • the speaking strategy of using tone and volume
  • word study skills including synonyms, types of sentences, present-and past tense verbs, adjectives,comparative and superlative adjectives, the "ow" sound, word endings vowel controlled by "r," may or can, homophones, and using the dictionary.

Here are some ways you can support your child's learning during this unit:

  • Read a variety of fables with you child and discuss what the moral of the fables means and who you might like to share it with. 
  • Retell a favourite fables of yours from your childhood and ask you child to retell one of his or her favourite from this unit to you
  • Make up fables with your child. Ask your child to decide who the characters will be (usually animals) and who will be the foolish or the clever, what problem the characters face, what happens in the story, and the moral that your fable will teach.
  • take your child to the library or other places to hear readings or storytellers. Talk about what makes it enjoyable to listen to a storyteller.