Friday 27 March 2015

New Math Chapter: Area and Grids

Assalamu Alaykom dear Parents,

Over the next week, your child will be working with area and grids. The students will estimate and measure the area of shapes using nonstandard units, such as stickers or big squares. They will compare and order shapes by area, solve area problems using models, and work with grids to describe locations and movements.

Throughout this time, you and your child can do some activities such as:

• You and your child can use playing cards or index cards to cover the top of different rectangular surfaces in your home, such as tables, dressers, and counters. Have your child estimate how many cards she or he thinks will be needed to cover the space. You and your child can then measure the surface by covering it with the cards. Compare the areas of all the rectangular surfaces you measure.
• Have your child use stamps or stickers to estimate and then measure the area of various sizes of envelopes.
• Have your child choose a nonstandard unit to measure the light switch plates in your home.
• You and your child can play games, such as Snakes and Ladders or checkers, that involve moving playing pieces on a grid. As you play, talk about the movements and any strategies that could help either of you win the game.
• You and your child can play BINGO, a game that requires your child to locate a number under a specific letter on a grid.

You may want to visit the Nelson Web site at for more suggestions to help your child learn mathematics and develop a positive attitude toward learning mathematics, and for books that relate children’s literature to area and grids. Also check the Web site for links to other sites that provide online tutorials, math problems, and brainteasers.

If your child is using a Nelson Mathematics 3 Workbook, pages 64 to 69 belong to Chapter 8. There is one page of practice questions for each of the 5 lessons in the chapter and a Test Yourself page at the end. If your child requires assistance, you can refer to the At-Home Help box on each Workbook page.

P.S: Third graders will have an end of chapter test on Tuesday April 7, 2015 in sha'Allah