Monday, 14 December 2015

Islamic Studies and Quran

AA dear parents,

Since we are done with our Unit: Performing Salah. Students will be asked to pray 2 rakaas and will be assessed based on that.
They are supposed to know the following:

  • Names of the five daily prayers in order and the number of rakaas in each prayer.
  • names of the prayers' positions (Qiyaam, rukoo, sujood...)
  • qiblah and that it is facing Kaabah
  • the opening Duaa (We've been practicing that everyday)
  • what's sutrah, and that salah doesn't count without it.
  • know all the positions, where to place hands, feet, eyes....)
  • what to say in qiaam, rukoo, sujood, tashahud..


Surah An-Naziat Ayah 1-8