Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Non-Fiction Book Report/Research Project

Dear Parents,
After doing various forms of writing, students are now ready to produce their own at-home non-fiction book report/research project. For this project, students are asked to produce a book report on one of two options: Skyscrapers or Towers.  The following steps will lead students to the production of a well-written report.
1. On your own time, go to the public library or the school library and find a book about skyscrapers or towers. 
2. After you choose a book, you will need to get Teacher Ghadeer’s approval on it (by Friday, May 3rd, 2013, at the latest). Once you have the teacher’s approval, you will be able to proceed with the following steps.
3. You will write four paragraphs. Each paragraph should be about 6-8 sentences long.  Every paragraph must have a topic sentence, supporting details, and a closing sentence. 
4. The first paragraph should be the introduction. You must have an interesting topic sentence followed by some supporting details.  This paragraph must focus on answering 6 basic questions: “Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?” 
5. The second and third paragraphs should have information such as the structure of the tower/skyscraper, the materials used in the building process, steps taken in the building process, and other information that you may have.
6. The fourth (last paragraph) should be the conclusion.  It should summarize the three previous paragraphs. Make sure that you have an interesting closing sentence-one that leaves the reader with something to think about. 
7. Make a list of all the words you are not familiar with.  Bring it to class on the day of the presentation.
8. You need a Bibliography (a list of the resources you used for this project).  This should be on a separate piece of paper.
9. Proofread your work. Your project should be free of spelling and grammar mistakes.
10. Create a poster.  Your poster must have the 4 paragraphs you wrote, the Bibliography, and pictures.  
11. On May 23, 2013, you will be required to bring in your research and your poster to class.  You will present your poster to the class.  Make sure you practice presenting your poster prior to the presentation day.

Marking Rubric:

Knowledge and Understanding of Content
thorough understanding
of content.
understanding of content.

some understanding
of content.

limited understanding
of content.


- Student did significant research and it is entirely in their own words.
-Student displays a variety of correct facts.
-Bibliography is included.  All sources (including graphics) are accurately documented.

- Student did a lot of research and it is presented in their own words.
- Student displays a variety of mostly correct facts.
-Bibliography is included.  Most sources (including graphics) are accurately documented.
-Student did some research but most information is not in their words.
-Student displays facts, mostly correct.
-Bibliography is included; however, few sources (including graphics) are accurately documented.
- Student did inadequate research.
-Student displays no facts, or mostly incorrect facts.
-Bibliography is not included.  Sources are not accurately documented.

Project Setup
-Followed all directions for set up. Project is very well organized and tidy.
-Followed most directions for set up. Project is well organized and mostly tidy.
-Followed some directions given for set up. Project needs some organizational improvement and could be tidied up.
-Did not follow directions for set up. Project layout is unorganized and messy.
Oral Communication
-Speaks clearly and distinctly all the time, and mispronounces no words.
- Student is completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed.
-Speaks clearly and distinctly most of the time, but mispronounces one word.
- Student seems pretty prepared but might have needed a couple more rehearsals.
-Speaks clearly and distinctly some of the time.
Mispronounces some words.
- The student is somewhat prepared, but it is clear that rehearsal was lacking.
-Often mumbles or cannot be understood OR mispronounces many words.
- Student does not seem at all prepared to present.