Wednesday 6 November 2013

Reading Duotang

As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

The students were given a target today to try and complete 10 chapter summaries. There is no time limit to this target, but the incentive for them to complete it is that when they have completed 10 chapter summaries from a chapter book they read at home they are rewarded with a small prize or sweet treat (e.g. candy or chocolate).

I will be sending the children home with a blank table to fill out when a chapter summary is completed. Parents are required to sign for each finished summary for them to be counted. Please encourage them to read as much as possible at home. Take the children to the library and set up an account for them there so they can practice their library skills and gain a love of reading in shaa Allah.

- Children read chapter books at home
- Children write 10 chapter summaries on chapters of their choice
- Children collect summaries in their "Reading Duotang"

- Parents encourage reading at home (e.g. listening to/helping them read for a minute or two)
- Parents facilitate visits to the Public Library
(here's a map of locations:
- Parents sign to acknowledge completed summaries

Happy reading!