Monday 4 November 2013

Week of Nov 4


1)multiplication worksheets: Yummy (no carrying) and Berry-Good (carrying)

2)Practice 6x tables


1)Edit chapter summary
- add 3-4 adjectives (words describing nouns)
- check for spelling mistakes
- make sure I included good details (about characters and key events)

2) Practice week 6 spelling words

3) Read your chapter book. did you finish all the chapters yet?

Practice (first 2 min. only) Maher Zain nasheed for assembly next monday (Nov 11)
follow the link:

Social Studies:

1) Think about how you will make your buildings' foundations.

2) Find out: Why is the leaning tower of Pisa leaning?


Remember to make wudoo' (after you sleep, use the washroom, pass gas).

Practice the steps of wudoo' (Textbook pg C18)