Monday 10 February 2014

Feb 10 Update

Salamun alaykum,


Children are finishing up division with review and word problems. Next the class will be moving on to Area & 3-D shapes.


The children have been working on predicting, and explaining their predictions. This has been tied to our chapter book, as well as our word problems in Math.

Social Studies

The class is continuing their learning about Native peoples and Early Settlers of Canada. We have been learning about different groups of people who travelled to Canada. We will continue to talk about their lifestyles upon their arrival in Canada.


The children will be applying their Math learning (e.g. measurment, shapes, perimeter, etc.) to begin learning more about buildings and structures. The children will be challenged to build various buildings and their frames (i.e. skeletons).


The children will continue to learn about the Seerah and begin to focus more on Islamic character/relationships in shaa Allah.


The class is learning basketball skills and teamwork/co-operation.