Tuesday 18 February 2014

Feb 18 Update

salamun alaykum,


The students have been given two 4-page booklets to practice grammar and punctuation (e.g. statements and questions). It is very important that the children complete and understand these sheets because it will help them better decode and understand long-answer word problems like those they will encounter on the EQAO test. DUE FRIDAY

4 Journal Entries (approx. 10-16 should be done by Friday)


The students will continue to learn and apply their knowledge of 3-D shapes, buildings, and structures. Currently, we are building frames for skyscrapers in class. We will soon try to use our knowledge of nets to create shells for the building frames in shaa Allah.
Textbook pg 270-271 due Friday

Social Studies

Continuing our work on the topic of Pioneers/settlers and Early peoples of Canada.
Canada's Pioneers pg 34-38 due Monday