Thursday, 25 September 2014

Language update

AA parents,

This week for spelling we are looking at the short /e/ /i/ and /u/ sound. Spelling test September 26 2014.

  1. else
  2. buzz
  3. finish
  4. head
  5. summer
  6. lift
  7. ready
  8. visit
  9. fence
  10. live
  11. hundred 
  12. edge
  13. minute
  14. nickle 
* I will be sending the spelling test books with their marks every 2 weeks so that you can see how well they are doing. 

Please note that we have started on choosing strong ideas for our writing. 
Rule: choosing a strong idea – a strong idea is specific. That means it is clear cut and exact. Imagine that you will write a story. Which of these ideas is more specific?
1. Autumn 
2. Playing in plies of crunchy, colourful leaves. 
(idea 2 because  it tells about a specific happening in autumn)


Please encourage your child to read everyday for at least 20 - 30 min. 

**Please encourage your child to always underline their titles and remember to date their work.