Tuesday 13 January 2015

Islamic Studies Update

As-salamu alaikum dear parents of Grade 3 students,

I pray you are doing well and that you had a relaxing break.

This is share with you that grade 3 students have studied and practiced wudu' during the month of November and December. Tr. Hajer and Tr. Fatima used many methods to teach and encourage students to perfect their wudu'. Students' wudu was also assessed in various ways throughout November and December. 

Further, grade 3 students were offered a wudu' workshop where they focused on the proper order of the steps of wudu' while assessing their own wudu' process. Peer evaluation was also conducted to give students a chance to teach each other and be critical about the performance of wudu'. 

I have also made regular visits to both girls and boys washrooms during wudu' time to correct mistakes and ensure students are more conscious of their wudu'.

Please note that wudu' will not be covered in Grade 4's textbook next year, and therefore grade 3 students are expected to master their wudu' this year. We encourage you to be part of this important learning and spiritual experience your child is going through, and it might be a good idea to watch your child making wudu' every once in a while to ensure compliance with the etiquette and steps of wudu'. 

Grade 3 students have also learned about congregational prayers, which they practice during dhur prayer everyday at school (including Jumu`ah prayer). They will continue to learn about other topics related to Salah in the coming years insha'Allah. It is important that students are encouraged to practice their salah at home and visit the masjid when possible. 

Your cooperation in reinforcing what our dear students are learning at school is highly appreciated  by us as educators, and most important, by your children as they grow to become strong Muslims insha'Allah.

Jazakum Allah khair.