Monday 12 January 2015

Social Studies - Update

AA Parent,

In Social Studies we have covered basic concepts of maps (legends, compass, scale etc.). We have also looked at a certain type of map (The Political Map). Students now know the different continents. They understand that we live North America.
As a class we also talked about the different features found in a globe.

  • North and South pole is cold
  •  the equator is hot.  
  • Northern Hemisphere 
  • Southern Hemisphere 
  • Eastern and Western Hemisphere 
  • Prime Meridian 
  • The oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Artic)
An activity was given to the students to work on at home; colour and cut out the continents.  Have a balloon at a medium size and glue the continents. Write the oceans in the correct place. Students are encouraged to do this and hang it up somewhere in their home or room.

We moved forward and we are now discovering Canada as a Country
- Provinces (capitalized on a map)
- Major Cities 
- Where each province is located and what it is known for (oil, forest etc.)
- Comparing provinces