Monday 23 February 2015

Math new Chapter: Multiplication

AA dear parents,

Over the next 2 weeks in sha'Allah, your child will be learning about multiplication. Students will use skip counting and repeated addition to develop an understanding of the multiplication facts up to 7× 7. It is important for students to understand what it means to group items before they are asked to memorize multiplication facts. Once your child has this understanding, he or she will learn strategies to begin memorizing facts. At the end of the chapter, your child will use knowledge of multiplication to solve everyday problems.
Throughout this time, you and your child may do some activities such as:

  • Your child can look around the house to find things that come in groups, such as packages of food or household items (e.g: juice boxes, eggs, batteries...) Make a list of the items and the size of each group.
  • Your child can look through grocery store flyers for items sold in groups, recording the items, the size of the groups, and its price..