Monday 27 April 2015

Starr Gymnastics

PST presents: ---- Starr Gymnastics & Fitness Experience ---



The Starr Gymnastics & Fitness Satellite School Experience is coming to Abraar School!!! 

WHEN: April 30th

The workshop is an opportunity for students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 to experience tumbling, jumping, spatial orientation and fitness challenges in a 40 minute dynamic and engaging presentation. The program is delivered by one of Starr's Master Instructors, who brings a trailer full of equipment, sets up and takes down all of the stations over two days. 

The workshop was created following the OPHEA Guidelines and is suitable for all grades and fitness levels. There are challenges for everyone, and there is always a high level of participation. Even students who tends to be shy during regular DPA or phys-ed are known to really "jump in" to the workshop.

For additional information on Starr Gymnastics, please visit the website -

PLEASE NOTE: Students are expected to come in comfortable clothing suitable for gym activities ( pants, t-shirt, sweat pants, etc) long skirts and dresses are not recommended.