Thursday, 14 May 2015

Classroom updates

Assalamu Alykum dear parents,

As you know we have covered the whole math curriculum for grade 3 al hamdulillah. We have already started reviewing and preparing for EQAO test in sha'Allah. Your child will be given a booklet to be done throughout the weekend.

We are still working on Soil. Below are the lessons we have covered so far.
Investigating Soils
Layers of Soil
Identification of Layers
The three types of soil (Sandy, loamy, clayey)
Do Water and Soil Mix?
Measuring Absorption
Effects of Moving Water on Soil
Your kid will be assessed orally. He/she will be asked questions about what we've seen in class.

Islamic Studies:
We have just finished talking about and studying Qadaa and Qadar.
Since Rajab 27 is in two days in sha'Allah, we started (since last week) studying Israa and Mi'raj. We started recapitulating what we already know about the Makkan period. We talked about all the suffering and grief that prophet Muhammed pbuh went through in this period of Da'wa. Then we linked that to the journey of isra' and Mi'raj and that it was a reward from Allah SWT for the prophet's patience after the three years of sorrow and after the grief of "Tai'ef". We are working on a lap book that summarizes the whole journey of Israa and Mi'raj. Lap books will be sent home as soon as we're done from them in sha'Allah.

Jazakum Allah khairan for your continuous cooperation

Tr. Hajer