Friday 16 October 2015

Homework and important info

Assalamu Alaykom dear parents,

  • A language booklet is sent home today. It is due on Thursday October 22 in sha'Allah.

  • Math make-up test: Monday October 19th. To practice for the test you can go through the Consolidation booklet I emailed earlier this week. 

  • Spelling Quiz: Tuesday October 20th. 

  • Spelling list 5: 
  1. cool
  2. rule
  3. lose
  4. noon
  5. true
  6. move
  7. mood
  8. grew
  9. clue
  10. scoop
  • Field Trip: Wednesday October 21st to Mac Skimming: Life in Early Canada (Social Studies)

Mac Skimming is an ‘outdoor centre’ and, hence, Students need to be prepared to spend the entire day ‘outdoors’ - it's chillier than in the city.

If you are looking for more information on our visit, feel free to visit their website at