Thursday 22 October 2015

Vocabulary List 2

             Words are our tools to communicate with others, as well as explore and analyze the world around us. Therefore, it stands to reason that children with a limited vocabulary will be handicapped in their educational progress. 
The most obvious effect of an underdeveloped vocabulary will be seen in poor reading comprehension, as children struggle to extract meaning from reading passages. 
Well-developed vocabulary and reading comprehension skills are central to success on the Quizzes, tests, and standardized tests. 
Vocabulary appears in two main ways: 

  • Reading questions that directly test vocabulary 
  • Comprehension questions that require strong vocabulary knowledge. 

Strong vocabulary also helps students produce better writing pieces.

Vocabulary List 2:

  1. voyage
  2. slumber
  3. meadow
  4. banner
  5. loyal
  6. ill
  7. vacant
  8. stalk
  9. wild
  10. shiver
P.S: We do so many activities in class to help kids learn the new words. Students' knowledge of these words will be tested in sha'Allah.