Tuesday 25 October 2016

Arabic Class

Grade 3 A/B Arabic Class

Assalamu alaikum respected parents

Welcome to new school year my name is T.Hoda Harb insha'Alalh I'll be your child's Arabic teacher. 
The class will be named after sahabee " Ali bin Abi Taleb" RAA

During the past weeks the students reviewed and learned the Arabic alphabets with all kinds of tashkeel tanween and madd , they learned days of the week and the Hijri months as well , also they learned اسم الاشارة ( the demonstrative pronoun) هذا (hatha) and how to use it with nouns. They started a new lesson how to introduce your self to others , and they will learn the 3 shapes of specific letters through each lesson and how to apply moodood and tashkeel  for these letters.
How to apply hatha and hatheehee with new words.
This will be through reading / writing / oral activities.

Insha'Allah at the end of each lesson a homework will be sent home.
I'll be seeing your child 3 times each week.

Please if you have any question or concern do not hesitate to contact me through the following email: hharb@abraarschool.com

Jazakum Allahu Khairan
T. Hoda Harb