Monday 19 November 2012

Updates – preview( week 12) & reminders

Dear parents, (3 A & 3 B )

*    Language : homophones ( Game :matching pairs of homophones & handout )
*    Reading   :  We learnt a text entitled “What’s for Dinner?”? Written by Derek Antel and illustrated by Andrew Tong. We did predictions from the title-illustrations-headings. Then, students confirmed or revised their predictions after reading aloud the parts of the story. We also described the characteristics of the main character and connected his experience with the students’ one.
*    Social Studies: We learnt about how pioneers used to preserve and store food. Then we compared this with modern times.
Preview :
*    More practice on context clues
*    Revision of irregular plurals &plurals with ies &ys.
*    Another reading related with pioneers “ Early settler Menu “
*    Communicating skills : Homophones pages 93-96 & synonyms page 43 done as a classwork and completed  at home  if  necessary
*    Spelling book (lesson 3)
*    Writing : suspense writing prompts
*    Islamic studies : Ibadat
*    Arts : Cutting a dinosaur and putting its parts together

*    A spelling test next Friday  on irregular plurals-2 sentences containing words from the spelling weekly lists from week 6 to week 11- capitalization-plurals with ys & ies.
*    Dramatic Performance: Insha’Allah next week, you will be receiving invitations to the play that will be held in the gym. I need your cooperation to encourage your child to memorize and rehearse his/her role. More precision about the exact date, timing and things I need for the decoration/accessories will come next week Insha’Allah.
*    The summative project is almost ready. It assesses your child’s   reading fluency, reading comprehension and writing. Your child will hand you a letter next Thursday explaining the detailed outline and the requirements of this End-of Term project.  In brief, the project is a booklet containing an eight-page story (A story of bravery) .Your child should read a part of it (fluency). Then, he/she should answer the comprehension questions. After, your child should write a composition about a fictional pioneer character who was brave enough to make a better life in Upper Canada. The writing should follow the process of writing (web- first draft- revision and editing – The final draft). This project will take about 3 or 4 weeks to be done.
        Finally ,based upon  my  on-going  assessment of the fable (presentation+ writing ) and  my  daily assessment of reading fluency , I expect that your child is willing to do his/her best in the next project Insha’Allah. I really thank him/her for his/her efforts and above all for your precious cooperation to achieve your child’s potential.
Jazakoum Allah Khayran