Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Topics for the week


- the class will be learning about long division, estimating quotients, and remainders in shaa Allah

Homework: [DUE WED: Textbook pg 248, Workbook pg 80,] continue Multiplication booklet pg. 1-36 due Feb 20th (pg 1-19 due Feb 6)

- we will continue learning about the patience of Prophet SAW and early muslims in shaa Allah.

Homework: pg D49 #2-4 - practicing patience activity: complete in full paragraphs (i.e. 3 sentences minimum for each question) - DUE WED


- writing in different genres (e.g. news, journals)
- spelling test #16 this friday

Homework: -write atleast 4 journal entries in your journal (including atleast 1 entry that you can share with the class)