Monday, 20 January 2014

Update + Joke and riddle competition winners

as salamu alaykum,

Just a quick note to update you on the classes work for this week.

UPCOMING EVENTS - Photo day tomorrow
- Thursday Jan 23rd will be International Day/Potluck. Wear your cultural clothes and share some cultural foods with the class. Note: If you don't have cultural clothing you can wear uniform (i.e. it's not a dress-down day).

Language - continue working on News articles (with a focus on what distinguishes news from stories or summaries).

Math - continue work with division (with added focus on solving word problems)
- continue working on multiplication booklet (pg 1-19 due by February 6)
- Test previously covered topics to help highlight areas of focus for EQAO preparation.

Social Studies - finish presentations and continue on with early settler unit.

Joke and Riddle Competition winners
First Place: Muhammad Noor
Second Place: Adam Al-Hbadi