Tuesday 25 November 2014

Science new unit: Strong and Stable Structures

AA dear parents,
The third graders have just started a new unit: strong and Stable structures.

At the end of this unit students will be able to: - identify the importance of form, function, strength and stability in structures over time
- determine what factors make a structure stronger and more stable (e.g., building materials, shapes used in framework, width of base etc.)
- identify the strength of a structure based on its ability to hold a load and withstand forces
- identify the stability of a structure based on its ability to maintain balance and stay in one spot.
- describe how materials can be changed to increase their strength (by folding, changing its shape, etc.)
- describe ways different forces affect a structure's shape, balance, position (e.g load can cause cardboard to buckle)
- use appropriate vocabulary to describe structures and forces acting upon them (e.g., compression, tension, load, struts, ties, etc.)
- investigate how certain materials can be used to strengthen structures (e.g., identify the purpose of struts and ties in structures bearing a load)
- demonstrate understanding and apply knowledge of strong and stable structures by building their own structures.