Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Class Update

Assalamu Alaykom dear Parents,


We are currently reviewing unit 2 (Numeration.) We will be writing our end of chapter test next week in sha'Allah (Monday November 24th)
Some kids finished all their Homework mashallah (the H.W is the Problem Bank and the Chapter Review). Some other kids didn't do it.
Please make sure that your kid finishes the whole booklet, it is a reinforcement of what we did in the class and a review for the test.


We finished the first unit: Forces causing Movement and will start Unit 2 soon in sha'Allah. We will also have a test on Wednesday November 26th. Students will take their folders and their notebooks home to review.

Islamic Studies: 

We have started talking about Taharah and Wudoo'. Alhamdulillah, every student has an Islamic studies binder. We have also reviewed the first chapter: the six pillars of Iman. Today we practiced a nasheed (Amantu billah). Every students has a copy of the lyrics. We will in sha'Allah do the nasheed in next Tuesday's assembly.
You can also help your kid memorize the nasheed by making him/her listen the following video:

Tr. Hajer