Monday, 10 November 2014

Language Reading/Writing Update - Tr. Fatima

AA Parents,

      As a class we are talking about books that are Realistic Fiction. I read "Homework Hassles" to the students. We have read the first chapter which is called, "The Assignment." The students were instructed to listen carefully as I read to them. We then discussed aspects of the book i.e. The Problem, Characters, Setting and new Vocabulary.
    In the first chapter of the story we learn about a boy named Freddy who finds homework to be a hassle. His grade 1 teacher assigned a project about nocturnal animals. The problem is that Freddy has no idea which animal to write about while everyone else in the classroom has chosen a topic.
 In their writing notebooks students wrote a summary of the chapter. Important aspects of their writing include: indenting, topic sentences, supporting sentences, conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.)

Questions parents can ask to engage the students are:

Why do you think homework is a hassle for Freddy? What does nocturnal mean in the story? What is the opposite of nocturnal? What kind of connection can you make with the story (text to text , text to self or text world).

JAK for all of your support!