Thursday 20 December 2012

Next project and homework for winter break

As winter break approaches, students are looking forward to play time. They deserve this indeed  as they accomplished  two important projects in  Fiction Unit (The Fable &the Pioneer Bravery story). Even though they were having their CTBS tests during three mornings, they pursued their projects in the afternoons. I would like to thank them for their endeavour. As a parent, you might want to prepare them for upcoming learning so that they do not lose much of what they were taught since September. Here are some things I may suggest to encourage out of school learning in a light way.
·        Language Arts: Since  next Unit will be about Media Literacy, I suggest you encourage your child to explore media texts like Television Shows, commercial breaks, news broadcasts, laugh tracks, magazines, brochures, leaflets, flyers, recipes, Guinness Book…and so on. The resources are available in the library, the Internet, the newspapers, sitcoms, Muslim community events  etc.  Simulate TV interviews with him/her about any topic he/she chooses. Make him/her bake his/her favourite recipe and explain the process he/she follows. The Curriculum expectation of this unit is to communicate (oral and written forms) the similarities and differences between different media texts and a class magazine will be produced to achieve this objective.
·        Social Studies: We are done Alhamdulillah with Pioneer Unit. The next unit will deal with Urban and rural communities. I suggest that you take a virtual or real trip to factories, farms, banks, markets…etc. so that your child compares distinguishing features in the town and the village. The curriculum expectation of this unit is to make students compare and explain common and different aspects. The reading strategies that will be held in class (charts-practical samples-lists of words of comparison…) will enhance the learners ‘skills insha’Allah .
·        Homework :
v Wrap up Pioneer Unit: Please encourage your child to answer the questions and use his/her book “Pioneers’ life” when necessary. This sheet is aimed to consolidate your child’s knowledge and understanding of the already learnt unit.
v Building paragraphs: This is a long document that boosts the writing skill .I need your cooperation to encourage your child to read it and share ideas with him/her.
v Spelling: A four-page list of adjectives. Encourage your child to search the meaning of unknown words in the dictionary or the internet. Make him /her write a list of 5 adjectives describing each member of the family. We did this in class and the children enjoyed sharing information. Some of them even sent letters to each other after decorating it. It demonstrated the scope we had in building positive class bonds.
v Spelling List: It is always possible to do the spelling work we missed in September (week 1 to week 5). I will talk to the students who need more spelling work during vacations. You already received spelling grades. If your child received Grade B and below, I do require your full support to make him /her do the spelling lists. It is only a question of time and practice. Insha’Allah they will have better grades next time.
v Internet reading links : Make reading enjoyable and fun  to your kid by consulting the following links : and
Finally, I would like to thank 3 A & 3 B students for providing me the opportunity to teach them in a creative and funny way. I promise to post the photos of the dramatic performance in the blog as soon as possible. (My son had exams at University and didn't have time to show me the photos in his camera.) A BIG THANK YOU to all the parents who sent me nice words in their e-mails. I am grateful to the extraordinary teaching experience I had with your children. I could not do better without your dedication and commitment to your child’s success. May Allah protect them and guide them to the right path.  
Jazakum Allah Khairan