Sunday 2 December 2012

Preview (week 14) &reminders (3 A &3 B

Salamoualaykoum dear parents ,
Here is what we will be learning throughout week 14 insha'Allah :
·         Words with multiple meanings.
·         Reading: Medicine Walk.
·         Challenge tasks: synonyms-antonyms-homophones.
·         Remediation task on capitalization.
Social studies:
·         Butter churning.
·         Importance of the water element in building the pioneer community.
Islamic studies:
We will carry out an in-class correction of two quizzes about the Pillars of Islam & Pilgrimage. I will then send the quizzes home. Please, check if your child learned from his/her mistakes, sign, and return the quizzes the following day, by storing them in your child’s portfolio.
We will watch do-it-yourself about making glittery snowflakes. Your child may choose to take his/her snowflake home on Friday Insha ‘Allah.


·         The on-going reading assessment of «Brave as a Mountain lion`» starts on Monday Dec, 3rd. Please make sure your child brings the project with him/her.
·         Remind your child to complete the spelling lists of week 14, which are due on Thursday Dec 6th.
·         A spelling test on homophones, antonyms, synonyms and capitalization will take place on Friday Dec, 7th.
·         Please ensure that the correction has been completed by your child for the two reading assessments “The tent” and “Upper Canada”. Please sign and return the reading tests to your child’s portfolio.
·         In two weeks, we are fastening our belts to get ready for the play. I will send you a request for permission to take photos of those children who partake in the play. If you have not already signed, please sign and return the request before Friday, Dec, 7th. Also, please get your child ready emotionally and help him/her choose suitable clothes/costume along with other accessories so that he/she can easily and comfortably play his/her role adequately. I am confident that our kids will be creative and amaze the audience!
Jazakoum Allah Kheir