Sunday 16 December 2012

Week 16: Updates, homework reminders, and news

Assalamu Alaikum we Rahamatu Allah we Barakatuh, dear parents,

I congratulate 3 B & 3 A students for succeeding in enchanting the audience during their dramatic performance last Thursday, December 13h. Here we are in the last week before winter vacations .I hope we will achieve it in the greatest faith and glamour with a surprise party on Friday.


In Language Arts, students are pursuing their writing project “pioneer bravery story “. Meanwhile, we will stop a bit to make reminders about the organisation of a story (beginning-middle-end) and the need to edit and revise by referring to the class resources (dictionary-word wall-vocabulary lists-peers’ help-guidance of the teacher).  A big chart will be presented to the students to help them proofread their stories ins-ha Allah .

In social studies, we will close up the Pioneer Unit and a wrap-up test will be assigned to check the students’ knowledge and understanding.

In Islamic studies, we will read stories about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH ) and deduce lessons  from  his kindness and leadership Salla Alla alayhi wa Sallam . The last synthetic test will be also corrected and returned inshAllah .

And in Arts, we will integrate Fiction with Arts. Your child will tell you about it as this is also a surprise.


  • Spelling list (week 16 ) due Thursday ,Dec,20th.
  • Read  aloud “ The smuggler “ and answer the questions .

  • You will receive a newsletter telling you more details about the next project your child will be doing after winter vacations. It is related with the unit: Media Literacy. I talked a bit about it to your children and they are already excited about it since they will become reporters and journalists at school. I am confident that your child will continue his/her excellent job as he/she did in the fable and the pioneer story. It is a pleasure to see their creative minds and great motivation in learning. Without your cooperation, I couldn’t do better. All my sincere gratitude!
  • Also, along with the letter I will be sending a 4-page list of adjectives. Please encourage your child to learn more vocabulary and explain the words  when  necessary.

I hope you will spend fantastic winter vacations
Jazakoum Allah