Sunday 9 December 2012

Week 15: Updates, homework reminders, and news

Assalamu Alaikum we Rahamatu Allah we Barakatuh, dear parents,

I congratulate 3 B students for getting their Cleanest Class Award last Friday, December 7th. Many other events are coming next week to celebrate their big effort in learning and creativity.


In Language Arts, students are pursuing their reading comprehension questions of “Brave As a Mountain Lion “. Meanwhile, we will stop a bit to learn summary techniques of  a long story. We will also explore positive adjectives out of an alphabetically-ordered  list of   adjectives I will be sending home. Please find the time to revise this list which will enrich your child’s vocabulary in the writing skill.

In social studies, students continue exploring pioneer jobs (Gristmill-doctor-teacher-sawmill-blacksmith)

In Islamic studies, we will revise what we learnt about Islam and bullying as well as Cooperation in Islam by presenting role-plays. 

And in Arts, students will construct symmetric butterflies and decorate them Insha Allah .


  • Spelling list (week 15 ) due Thursday ,Dec,13th.
  • Read “ All About Writing “ (parents ‘assistance is much appreciated )

  • Canadian Tests of Basic Skills start on Tuesday and finish on Thursday.  Please note that these tests are not counted in assessment. They are aimed to see the levels of students in Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. Kindly encourage your child to endeavour as it is a useful training to him /her for the provincial test.

§    Students’ play performance will take place on December 13th at 1.30 pm. Please encourage your child to be relaxed and speak slowly while moving on stage. I am confident that our actors and actresses will be fantastic. If it is not done yet, please send the photo permission form with your child.
§  A swimming session is scheduled on December 13th. Please send a labelled towel and the necessary clothing with your child.
I sincerely look forward to seeing you Thursday at 1:30

Jazakoum Allah Khayran