Saturday, 7 December 2013

Math work due by Friday December 13

Measurement work

Please follow the link below to download a pdf sheet (with an answer key) that the students can use to practice changing centimetres into millimetres:

Decimal Addition

Students have copied a set of 6 questions into their math notebooks to complete.

We are learning to keep the decimal in the same position as it appears in the question for the answer.

ex.     3 . 2 cm
    +   5 . 4 cm
         8 . 6 cm

Perimeter Word Problem ($2)

I want to build a fence around my house. I know that it is 15 m from the road in front of my house to the end of my yard in the back. I also measured the width of my yard. It is 23.6 m to walk from the neighbours on my right to the neighbours on my left.

Draw my yard with the measurements of all 4 sides. Next, calculate the perimeter of my yard.

Length of sides (^  vertical) _____

Length of sides ( >  horizontal) _____

Perimeter ___________________