Sunday, 1 December 2013

Research Project

as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

The Grade 3B class is starting a research project this month! I have asked the students to go home this weekend and begin thinking about an animal or insect they don't know a lot about, which they can research.

I gave them a few preliminary questions to help them direct their research on their animal on Friday.

I mentioned to them that they should try going to the Public Library to find books on their animal (i.e. the research should not only be carried out on the internet). They will also be able to look for books in their library time at school. I also had a brief discussion with them about possible websites they may want to look at for information on their animal (e.g. wikipedia, national geographic, discovery, google, etc.).


- I have asked the students to copy information found in books by hand onto papers. [Students should try to summarize in their own words whenever possible]. Author and Titles should be written with summarized or copied information.

- Information from websites may be printed off or cut and pasted into word documents. Students should copy and paste the URL of websites they find information on whenever possible

- The students should collect their information in duo tangs that can be brought to and from class to monitor their progress, and to use the information in a variety of activities.

At the moment, I have just asked them to begin collecting information. All good research projects need a library of work to choose from.

The project will be ongoing and is expected to wrap up after the winter break. This allows the students plenty of time (including winter break) to become an expert on their chosen animal, it's habitat, etc.

JazakumAllahu khayran for your ongoing support and efforts!