Sunday, 14 October 2012

Week 7 updates&reminders&news

Dear parents (3 A&3 B )

Week 7 updates:

Language : this week your child revises from Monday to Wednesday how to use a story web to organize ideas (we already practiced this twice with 2 different fables :(the beetle and the bird& Tiger and the Big Wind ) . A special focus on the use of quotation marks and exclamation marks is modeled and practiced through tasks on hands outs and communicating skills .Reading fluency is also done in small groups with the emphasis on voice and rising and falling intonation to convey the right meaning of the text .

Writing : A smooth transition from reading to writing ideas generated from a story web is modelled by the teacher. Your child is taught how to transfer ideas in a text in an organised way (stage 2 of the writing process):Beginning (setting:where-when-who)+ Middle(state the problem )+ End (state the solution ). Your child is encouraged to communicate ideas in a logical way (use transitions:First-Then-After-But-So-because-At the end )and using the correct conventions (correct punctuation-comparative adjectives-adverbs).Language hands outs will be provided to your child to consolidate his language skills . By Thursday ,your child should be ready to start writing his own fable (first draft).On Friday ,Your child writes his final draft after checking the editing checklists,revising with his partner and asking the teacher if necessary . Publishing the fable can be done in the computer room (period 5)by adding a title,a caption and the moral at the end of the fable. Monday (October 21st) your child shares his fable with others .He has the choice to rewrite it as a role play and read it with voice to get extra credit .

Social studies : A revision test is given to revise units 1,2,3 (true or false-complete the missing information) . After the class correction ,we proceed with health and medicine and how Aboriginals helped pioneers in coping with sicknesses and cold winter.

Islamic studies and Arts :  In these blissful days ,your child and all Abraar scholars and staff are excited to have the opportunity to share stories of Ibraheem (AS)and the Hajj procedures . The kids already have creative ideas about how we prepare the Hajj Diorama .I need your cooperation to provide them with the materials we need for the project (due Oct,22nd).There is a prize for the best project .Please share with your child and see what you can help with .Jazakoum Allahou khayran . 


Reminders :

  • Thursday and Friday  : Formative assessment :write your own fable : story map +first draft +final draft (publishing electronically or pencil and paper . Monday(Oct,26th) :sharing your fable with classmates 

  • Wednesday : Drama club : I will only call the performers in scene 1 (narrator-2 aboriginals-2 pioneers)so that we can focus on writing the script of scene 1 and allow better space and concentration for the players so that they can rehearse their roles. 
  • Thursday :I didn't check the spelling lists last Friday because your child got the work late (Tuesday for 3 B and Wednesday for 3 A ).That is why I gave extra time .This week I will check the spelling notebook on Thursday .The dictation will be on Friday. I need your cooperation concerning homework . A chart of rewarding points will be effective this week .Your child gets 2 points for a submitted homework .The student who has most points by Friday will receive a certificate from me . 


   The field trip to the museum of science and technology is scheduled for November 13th insha 'Allah. If you are interested in joining as volunteers ,please contact VP Nouha to put you in the availability list .

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