Saturday, 6 October 2012

Portfolios and writing folders

Dear parents of grades 3 A&B ,
 I hope this will find you in the best of faith and health . This is to inform you that your child's portfolio and writing folder will be activated starting from next Tuesday inshaAllah . The goal of the portfolio is to collect data that will help your child revise the already learnt things in all the subjects so that he can refer to them before doing the formative and summative assignments. It is a tool for me to track the student's progress and provide him the help he needs. As for the writing folder ,it will allow the child to build the skills related to the process of writing ( structure-first draft -editing -proofreading and publishing ).As you already know,our current unit is about writing a fable . The necessary vocabulary lists as well as grammar,punctuation tasks will accompany the writing folder  to help the child improve his writing .
Jazakoum Allah khayran