Tuesday, 16 October 2012

answer parents' e-mails and revision tests

Dear parents of  grades 3 A&B
       I am sorry if you sent an e-mail  on Abraar outlook and that I couldn't answer . The reason is that since Monday ,I couldn't log in because of technical inconvenience. I thank the parents who  already consulted  the blog to have an exhaustive picture of what their children are doing in class . I am proud of your children's  participation and progress in learning . We are advancing in knowledge and skills MashaAllah  . However ,as a teacher ,I need to track their progress through revision tests  that allow me to collect data for their strengths and weaknesses on my observations` checklists . This is the school policy . I kindly ask you to follow the progress of your child just by asking him/her  some questions of  the things  I am sending you in details every Sunday . In social studies , we learned the origins of early settlers,why they came to Canada ,how the aboriginals helped them and how they cleared the land to build their cabins . We did that by referring to 3 texts in Canada's pioneers and interactive  group work activities. Grade 3 A&B made very nice presentations with captions . As for writing a fable,we studied 5 different fables . Each child  was eager to present one fable orally  in the critic's corner . We practiced the story maps (organisation of ideas )twice and I commented on how to improve them .We had many vocabulary lists on the writing notebook (who-where-when-how ). We practiced the adjectives,the adverbs,the punctuation marks and corrected the task page 11 (voices of animals ). On Thursday ,your child can start his first draft and can refer to all the materials we have used including seeking my help and his peers' help .  The volunteer jazaha allah khayran comes on Thursday to help those who are in the learning center  in 3 A&B .
Dear parents ,I need your cooperation in sharing the learning of your child in an encouraging and positive tone . your child is doing well . If there is any concern,I will write a communication (electronic or written on the agenda). your child has rich and various activities every day in all subjects this is why I leave him /her time to finish homework throughout the week . For the weekend,he/she  has just to read you aloud the reading comprehension and answer  few questions . Please , let us together make «testing» an enjoyable and beneficial experience that makes the child  aware of the areas that he/she achieved well and the areas that he/she needs to focus on in his/her subsequent « testing » opportunities . I believe that an emotional preparedness will make him/her endeavor  and  use his/her potential.
Please for any question you can send a note with your child and I will  answer on its back  and return it with your child . The school policy says that you have to ask permission from the office to come in the classroom . As you know , Furqan school  starts at 3:45 and for respect to the Quran teachers ,I need to keep the room clean and tidy .
Thank you  for your understanding and tolerance