Monday, 22 October 2012

week 8 homework assignments & Today

    Alhamdulillah ! Last Friday, Grade 3 B students completed their Hajj project and displayed it on the bulletin board. They were very cooperative with Mrs Tessa, our volunteer.

Homework assignments:

·        Spelling lists and dictation:  This week, I will be checking Week 8 spelling lists on Thursday. The dictation will be also assigned on Thursday. Please encourage your child to have his/her work done to win points in the chart.
·        The reading  comprehension text “How the bear got his tail” on communicating books pages 76-77  was assigned last Friday and was due to Thursday 25th ,October . Please, encourage your child to read aloud the text to you and answer the questions. For any submitted homework in due time, there are extra points in the chart. The child who collects more points for homework, being organised, cooperation and participation will receive a toy on Thursday.
·        Reading: The kids enjoyed reading a poem « Pass the peanut Butter » (reader 1, 2, 3, 4, All) and discussing the rhyme. The kids practiced reading fluency.
·        Writing: We corrected one section of a story by using revision and proofreading marks. Then the kids wrote the outline of their personal narrative (event-When-where-details-ending)
·        Social studies: We corrected the «train your muscles» test. Please revise with your child his/her mistakes, sign the test and return it before Thursday. Assignments should be kept in your child’s portfolio for further revision.